Full Dataset Description

3 Tiers

Tier 1:

  • APIs for Companies & Aircrafts
  • Provides company, company location, aircrafts makes and models

Tier 2:

  • All the above and flight tracking
  • Flights and airports
    • Built from private network of flight receivers as well as public databases

Tier 3:

  • All the above and investment signals
  • Track when something happens (e.g. first time someone has been anywhere before, flying close to a competitor, two parties involved in potential M&A go same place)

Product Differentiation

  • Focused on producing investment signals based on information, not just that a company flies from A to B. This is where JetTrack dedicates 95% of their time and how they can best help investors make money.
  • Have applied forensic accounting and intelligence style techniques to manually match the companies and aircrafts.
  • Data goes back through June 2016
  • Dedicated to providing clients with less data that is perfectly clear, rather than more data that is messy
  • Global coverage – not just the US or Europe
  • API documentation is best in class
  • Offer personal onboarding and integration specialists
  • Data is all tied back to ticker, CUSIP, ISIN, SEDOL, or FactSet ID
  • Private network of receivers

Case Study

News broke of a rumored acquisition of BSX (Boston Scientific) by SYK (Stryker).  Both companies have said they will not comment on market rumors or speculation.  Other potential acquirers could include JNJ (Johnson & Johnson) and MDT (Medtronic).

JetTrack identified significant aberrations in flight frequency to the area surrounding BSX’s headquarters in recent months.


Had not flown within 25 miles of Boston Scientific Headquarters since Nov 8 2017, and have now flown 4 times since March 5th.  The last two were by the CEO’s plane.  March 5th overlapped with JNJ.


Hadn’t flown to within 25 miles of BSX since April 26 2017.  Flown twice now since March 5th.  March 5th overlapped with Stryker.


Fractional ownership of 18% so harder to tell, but hadn’t flown within 25 miles of BSX going back to 2017, then made two trips in late May.  Could be drop off and pickup due to fractional ownership meaning that plane won’t be sitting on the tarmac for any stretch.