Extended Dataset Description

One Million Eyes

  • Monitor any online entity and web trends in real time (SEO, SEM, eCommerce, companies health, HR, social trends etc.)
  • Our infrastructure of over 1 million web sensors around the globe, provides a robust and CAPTCHA/Re-CAPTCHA proof solution for monitoring any web page, from any geolocation, in real-time and extreme large scale.
  • Our solution is GDPR compliant. Our own unique simple API solution for data professionals, provides an unfiltered view of the web, via scalable, robust and compatible tool.

One Billion Monthly exclusive views of searched terms and keywords

  • Discover meta trends by analyzing historical and contemporary actual efforts in SEO and SEM activity, of top marketers worldwide, covering all major verticals.
  • 1 billion monthly exclusive views of terms, segmented by Geo, Search Engine, Ranking results for each term and trends over time.
  • This data-set can provide profound insights on fundamental trends of top marketers activity and focus, as well as insights on world fundamental trends of search terms, brands and any online entity.