A federal court ruled against LinkedIn, confirming that a startup can scrape its publicly available data - a potentially precedent-setting ruling in favor of web scraping based analytics (Ars TechnicaWSJ) We launched an events and stats page on AlternativeData.org New geo-location data vendor Thasos has launched data products on malls, dollar stores, public hospitals, casinos, and lumberyards: “To test the impact of its data, Thasos released a report earlier this month on never-before-tracked foot traffic at Real Estate Investment Trusts that invest in shopping malls. The report, released before second quarter earnings, was accurate in predicting the selloff that occurred after the announcements.” (Institutional Investor) Millennials are 2.5x more likely to use alternative data than non-Millennial equity analysts (AlternativeData.org) As supply chains embrace Blockchain, global trade data will become public (International Business Times) “How to Become a Data Scientist” - a high-quality guide written for anyone hoping to get into the field (Medium)  
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