Are you passionate about leveraging geospatial data to help solve some of the world’s most pressing and challenging scientific questions? Here at Descartes Labs, we house and process all publicly available satellite imagery, allowing scientists to focus solely on applying these data to answer real-world problems.

Descartes Labs is looking for an Applied Scientist with a focus on Machine Learning and Financial Trading.
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  • Assimilate multiple data sets (public and proprietary, geospatial and transactional) to build market price models over various time horizons
  • Model and simulate various forward-looking scenarios that take into account weather, geographic, political, economic, financial and other risks to assess impact on markets
  • Leverage a wide array of technical tools to derive signal: machine learning, signal processing, statistics, financial modeling, risk modeling, and geospatial operations
  • Synthesize the above to develop actionable, quantitative, backtested trading insights where all factors influencing a recommendation are fully understood
  • Design and manage the production environments and processes that enable these products


  • Advanced degree (MS/PhD) in a relevant field (finance, computer sciences, mathematics, statistics, etc.)
  • Strong experience with machine learning
  • Familiarity with financial market and modeling concepts
  • Experience with stochastic (Monte Carlo) models
  • Demonstrated proficiency in a scientific programming language (preferably Python)
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently; flexible and able to quickly adapt; self-motivated


  • Direct commodities trading experience and financial modeling
  • Experience with remote sensing and geospatial data, including AIS
  • Experience with numpy, sklearn, scikit-image, matplotlib
  • Experience with version control software (e.g. GitHub, Mercurial, etc.)
  • Experience with cloud and/or distributed computing
  • Time series analysis / signal processing
  • Ability to coordinate complex technical production pipelines
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