The CA is the single point of contact for aligned MLP strategies and Content Providers. CAs are responsible for building and sustaining healthy relationships with investment professionals, addressing their day-to-day needs for content and being proactive in adding value to the relationship. A core aspect of this role is to build trust and confidence.

Core Responsibilities

  • Build and sustain high value relationships with aligned Investment Professionals and Content Providers
  • Ensure both timely and high quality delivery on day-to-day requests for content – be able to measure and report progress
  • Be proactive in introducing new content sources and be able to explain why they could be useful/incremental to research/investment processes
  • Lead deep, thorough and high quality content analysis initiatives (e.g., comparison of forensic accounting Providers)
  • Oversee content trials and gather product intelligence
  • Onboard Investment Professionals and ensure all Day 1 resources available; market the MLP platform
  • Ensure no IP leakage across Investment Teams
  • Save spend both with aligned Investment Professionals and Content Providers – cost reduction and avoidance
  • Provide regular transparency on key operational aspects such as contracts coming up for renewal, spend etc.
  • Drive adoption of tools where applicable (e.g., spend transparency dashboard)
  • Escalate issues before they become a major problem
  • Be well informed of relevant industry developments and product roadmaps of aligned Content Providers
  • Execute on value add projects benefiting Investment Professionals and the MLP platform at large
  • Leverage existing content assets – minimize onboarding new products
  • Ensure content duplication is minimized across MLP environment
  • Partner with Compliance and Legal to mitigate firm risk
  • Negotiate Provider contracts w/ a view to putting in place broad agreements where they make sense – ensure superior terms relative to peers

Other Responsibilities

  • Work as a team player – for example, share ideas that could benefit others in the team
  • Constantly look for areas of improvement (both individually and across the team)
  • Raise issues that could cause firm exposure (e.g., consumption of data not approved by contractual terms)
  • Market the MLP platform (e.g., during Onboarding process)
  • Be aware and communicate Provider changes that could impact investment professionals and other stakeholders

Type of Individual

  • Very high service oriented mentality
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship management skills
  • Analytical, methodical and structured mindset – highly organized
  • Ability to handle pressure and energized by intense and high performance work cultures
  • Team player