Interested candidates should email for an introduction.

Summary: New Consumer team at a major market neutral platform is looking to hire a data analyst who will work hand-in-hand with each member of the investment team (including the PM) to ingest, organize, automate, and analyze multiple data sources that the team will use to make investment decisions.

Technical Skills: Required: Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Python, SQL; Interest in Finance/Investing in Equities.  Strongly Preferred: Familiarity with MI Data infrastructure and coding/ticker tagging methodologies.

Examples of Data Tracked:

  • Credit Card Panels: 1010, Earnest, Yodlee, Consumer Edge
  • Blackbox Intellgence/Knapp Track
  • NPD
  • IRI
  • Spendtrend
  • Vendor Efficacy: Cleveland, MScience, Verbatim, etc.
  • Census Retail Sales
  • Smith Travel
  • Key Domestic and Foreign Macro Indicators (CPI/PPI, Housing, HK Retail Sales, Japan Jewelry Sales, etc)
  • Weather Tracking Dashboards

Other Commentary:

  • Data Analyst should express genuine intellectual curiosity in understanding the data AND the businesses that the data is tracking.
  • Data Analyst should be a “problem solver” that is constantly and actively (without being asked) seeking to develop better ways (either more efficient, more accurate, or both) to track the data
  • Data Analyst should have a passion for organization, arranging, and automation.
  • Data Analyst should seek to build infrastructure that would withstand “key person” risk.  Someone else with their skill set should be able to understand and use their infrastructure.
  • Analyst will be fully-integrated into team with “skin in the game” and expected to respond to requests “real time”.  Compensation to be composed of base salary and discretionary bonus tied to analysts and team performance.  This could be a driver of SIGNIFICANT upside.  I can provide references that would attest to this being true (I have hired, trained, and developed this role previously).
  • Weekend work (1 day) likely required for first 2 years (at very least until infrastructure built, but Sunday “runs” of data summaries likely to continue for foreseeable future à potentially automated)
  • PM Preference will be for analyst to work in CT at least 3-5 days a week, especially during infrastructure build stage
  • Over the long-term upon demonstrating success, there would be an opportunity to be a “Senior Data Analyst” with 1-2 junior analysts working for the candidate, dependent on the team’s needs.