Singapore based multi-strategy hedge fund is seeking to hire an exceptionally talented senior data analyst with a desire to work within an experienced team of investment analysts. This role involves acquiring, reviewing and analysing large quantities of both structured and unstructured company and sector financial and operating data and applying it to actual and potential investments as part of a fundamental-driven investment process. The role will also involve spearheading the building of data infrastructure within the firm to store and digest data more effectively in order develop predictive modelling of such data over time.

 Investments are in the equities and credit asset classes, not in the macro arena. The strategy of the firm is fundamental, bottom-up investing and is not quant driven. Candidates should have the ability to understand the thesis driving actual or potential investments and be able to identify data-driven solutions to (a) augment traditional sources of information and/or (b) validate or disprove investment assumptions.

 Candidates should have at least 5 years of experience in data analytics working in an investment-related environment (either buy or sell-side). Knowledge of Asian markets is an advantage, but  not a requirement. While prior experience working with investment teams is important, a candidate with the right mindset and personality backed by sufficient and relevant experience should also consider the role (ie. a data analytics professional that supports an investment or investment research team but currently sits outside of the team may still be appropriate for the role given the right experience set and personality).   

To apply, please email