Job Description
Ulysses Advisors is looking for a talented and aggressive inaugural Senior Data Scout to join
Descartes Labs in New York City, San Francisco or Denver. This position offers the
opportunity to help build and lead the business organization around an incredible new
product that is breaking ground in the analytics market with an unmatched capability. You
will work in concert with the executive team to implement the company's go-to-market
strategy while you target partnership opportunities, conduct market research and help assist
the direction of the Business Team to expand the current partner base. This role is built to
increase the velocity of the discovery and acquisition of new data sources that fuel spatially-
oriented machine learning applications and predictive models. You will also have the
opportunity and be expected to interact with customers directly.

As the Senior Business Development Associate you will report to the Director of Strategic
Business Development. You will focus on initiatives that strengthen the company’s targeted
expansion of its immense data repository. You have ownership of and entrusted with a wide
range of responsibilities supporting the Business and Sales team, to prospective and existing
customers, and internal team members. If you are excited about the opportunity to accelerate
and help shape the rapid growth of an industry pioneer, this may be time and opportunity for

The Descartes Labs Platform is the missing link in making satellite imagery useful. Descartes
collects data daily from public and commercial imagery and alternative data providers, cleans
it, calibrates it, and stores it in an easy-to-access file system, ready for scientific analysis. The
Descartes Labs Platform provides one-stop access to an unparalleled repository of pre-
processed historical and real-time public and commercial satellite imagery and location data.
The approach enables global scale machine learning business intelligence for some of the
most valuable and consequential use cases in the market.
Who You Are
Creative: You constantly invent and try new approaches to solving problems that have often
never been applied in such contexts before.
Relentless: You will never give up on an opportunity and seek to win no matter the obstacles.
Aggressive: You do not wait for an invitation rather you move ahead into the market and
develop opportunities where none may have existed previously.
Reliable: You are not someone who requires intensive oversight; you are independent and can
be counted on to execute the research and sales strategy no matter what.
Explorer: You are a natural researcher and discoverer; someone who is adept at collecting
information to understand and navigate new domains
Roles and Responsibilities
● Communicating with experts in various industries; conducting primary research to
discover alternative data sources and analytic trends as they support increased sales
● Inventorying new and existing data content required by the organization to support
tactical and strategic initiatives
● Identifying, prioritizing and developing new data partnership prospects and partnership
● Developing and documenting best practices to expedite the identification, acquisition,
and integration of new data sources
● Collaborating with departments across the company including Sales, Product, Marketing,
and Engineering to identify creative applications and fusions of disparate data sources
● Self-motivated, able to work independently, and contribute to cross-functional teams
● Familiar with applications for sources and volumes of complex data (using Extract,
Transform, and Load [ETL] tools, for example)
● Interested in discovering cutting edge data analysis methods to drive novel business
intelligence and financial trading models
● Familiarity with remote sensing, alternative data and real world sensor technologies and
commercial, public and proprietary data sets is a strong plus
● Collaborate with other members of the sales team to win new business and expand
business with existing customers
● Research accounts, identify key players and generate interest; Intimately understand
customer needs and requirements
● Experience working with the sales team and sales infrastructure of a growth stage
● United States citizen or authorized to work in the United States

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