Providers Added to the Database
  • ShareIQ - Data on earned media performance on visual content campaigns.
  • CogniSent - Platform for identifying ticker-specific investment themes from social data and integrating alternative data sources to analyze these themes.
  • Signafire - Data infrastructure provider for integrating traditional and alternative data sources.
  • See full public database of 300 data providers.
  • Cuebiq, a geo-location provider, raises $27mm in Series B financing. (businesswire)
  • YipitData adds churn tracker to its YELP data product to monitor impact of the company's new non-term contracts; full product tracks PAAs and Request-a-Quote. (Request Info)
News & Insights
  • SimilarWeb, a web traffic provider, uses app installs via Google Play to show that Lyft is carving out market share from Uber largely in younger age groups. (recode)
  • Barclays hires Chief Data Scientist away from Buzzfeed, who will be tasked with building a team to integrate alternative data sets to serve the firm’s Research arm. (mrweb)
Other Reading
  • Geo-location data maps migration from Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. (CityLab)