New Datasets

  • TrustData - Chinese mobile app usage data provider with over 150mm MAUs.
  • Unacast - geo-location data provider with ~11mm MAUs in the US, sourced from GPS, WiFi and beacon data.
  • RedTech - survey data on Chinese companies, including BABA, BIDU, Tencent, JD, CTRP, WB, EDU, TAL, VIPS, Ant Financial, Meituan, Didi, and Toutiao.
  • StockTwits - tracks social/sentiment data from multiple primary sources to generate signals on various equities.
  • IOTA - Internet-of-things analytics platform launched a data marketplace. (IOTA marketplace announcement)
  • Dataffirm - London based data consultant.
  • SpaceKnow, a geolocation data provider, hired Bloomberg alternative data exec, Jeremy Fand, as VP of Product. (Business Insider)
  • Dawex, a data marketplace, partnered with Mnubo, expanding data sources from IoT companies to ~100. Dawex now has 2,000 companies transacting data onboard. (Dawex)
  • YipitData launched Redfin (RDFN) dataset, tracking lead agent counts, transactions, and brokerage revenue. Data can be further analyzed by agent join year, transaction side, rating, region and zip code. (YipitData)
  • Hyperplane VC leads $2.5mm round in Elsen, a data analytics startup that provides software to ingest and analyze proprietary and 3rd party data. (Institutional Investor)
  • OneClickRetail, an ecommerce data analytics firm, published a deep dive showing positive trends for the pet product market on Amazon. (OneClickRetail)
  • Estimize, a crowd-sourced estimates platform, hired Coleman Research CFO, Jeffrey Geisenheimer, as its CFO and COO. (Integrity Researchsubscription required)
  • See full public database of 212 data providers.
Email us at if there are specific skills you would like to learn:
  • All the elements for a perfect chart. (Datawrapper)
  • A guide to learning Pandas, the most popular Python data science library on StackOverflow. FYI, Pandas enables you to: read/write in many different data formats, finding and fill missing data, apply operations to independent groups within the data, reshape data into different forms, comb multiple datasets together, advanced time-series functionality, and visualization through matplotlib and seaborn. (Medium)
  • Disney-Fox combination poses a greater threat to Netflix than Amazon Prime, according to content ownership data from YipitData. (FTsubscription required; YipitData)
  • UBS wins Institutional Investor #1 in equities thanks to their investment in data team, Evidence Lab. “We are trying to develop a new culture where both types of research - traditional analyst-driven security evaluation and new innovations in investment research - are deeply respected” - Barry Hurewitz, Global COO UBS Research. (Institutional Investor)
    • UBS autos analysts stripped a Chevrolet Bolt to do fundamental analysis of its components, discovering it was a lot cheaper than they estimated. (Institutional Investor)
    • Following recent regulations in China, Evidence Lab analysts are using satellite imagery to measure air pollution levels to assess the potential impact to petrochemical companies. (ICIS)
  • AI applications make some headway within sell-side equity research.
    • Wells Fargo’s AIERA, a machine learning equity research analyst, inaccurately downgraded FB in October, although it showed improvements identifying negative news sentiment and making a sell call. (Bloomberg)
    • Morgan Stanley using AI technology to accelerate insight generation for its analysts. (Bloomberg)
  • Ken Griffin hosted a datathon at the NYSE to highlight the need for data talent at funds. (CNBC)
  • Tammer Kamel, CEO of Quandl, shared five data use cases during an interview (CNBC):
    • New insurance policy data as a proxy for estimating auto sales.
    • Measure iron ore production by combining shipping data with satellite data.
    • Tracking private plane transponders/routes to detect potential M&A activity.
    • Scan government public contract (e.g. defense contracts) and link to beneficiaries of transactions to get insights into small/mid-size companies.
    • Partnership with construction intelligence company that enables read into construction companies.
  • Multi-billion dollar fund attributes strong 2017 performance to creative applications of machine learning throughout its investment process. Hiring top talent is the key to success and they are partnering with top universities to source candidates. They have applied similar techniques used by astronomers to identify supernovae to classify stock analysts on the forecasting power. (
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