Requests for Data

The Requests for Data (RFD) come directly from our network of investors and other data buyers who are seeking out specific datasets. Please reach out to if you have any of the data below or if you’re an investor who would like to post a request.

  • 12/12: Dataset of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) for the underlying collateral of subprime auto asset backed securities (ABS).
  • 11/25: Data on iRobot (IRBT) market share and sales on Amazon.
  • 11/24: Consumer transaction data (email receipt, clickstream, app usage, credit card, etc.) for India.
  • 11/20: Breakdown of US household spending by segment (food, clothing, mortgage, etc.).
  • 10/25: Data mapping to SaaS companies: enterprise customers, user count, churn, contract value, engagement/usage, etc.
  • 10/10: Google keyword bid pricing data by category.
  • 10/10: Corporate SEM spend by category.
  • 10/1: POS data covering electronics (gaming, smart phones).
  • 9/23: Data on sales headcounts for enterprise software companies.
  • 9/19: Data on Verizon 5G rollout.
  • 9/18: UK transaction data (credit card or email receipt).
  • 9/15: Data to estimate TSLA KPIs (Model 3 production, etc.).
  • 9/13: Transaction data from email receipts.
  • 9/4: Food delivery in China, specifically GMV/orders/inventory by city for Meituan and
  • 8/31: Facebook engagement data (posts, shares, etc.).
  • 8/28: Names of the transportation and logistics companies that are moving heavy machinery from a specific set of factories, and the number of heavy machines being transported to and from these factories.
  • 8/26: 1099 data speaking to independent contractor costs for restaurant delivery platforms.
  • 8/24: Point-of-sale data for Latin America (Brazil in particular).
  • 7/24: Spend or footfall data for Domino’s Pizza France and Domino’s Pizza Germany – tracking consumer trends online, in-store, or in-app.
  • 7/24: Data on revenue and associate growth for multi-level marketing companies (e.g. Herbalife, Usana Health Services, Nu Skin).
  • 6/14: Order volume for Japanese online real estate platform Tateru (TYO: 1435)

Data Providers: Even if you don’t see any of your datasets requested above, you can still get featured for free in our newsletter to 3,000 subscribers across 400 funds. Contact us to get your data in front of investors.