• The Fashion & Luxury Intelligence Hub is the most advanced source of intelligence for key non-financial data on luxury brands’ product offering, pricing, discount and volumes available on the consumer market and change over time.

    It provides unique analytics on how brands stand in the market, derived from the real time synthesis of billions of information collected from hundreds of data sources, cleaned and linked to the stock ticker.


  • Key Features
    • Anticipation on companies quarterly reports by over 20 days on product offering and distribution metrics
    • Benchmark to over 25,000 brands worldwide (45+ stocks covered)
    • Brand product mix
    • Brand price architecture
    • Wholesaler’s promotion patterns
    • Assortment growth/decline
    • Share of shelf variance
    • Chinese online market penetration
    • Off price distribution control
    • Link to stock ticker


  • Case Study: Kering (KER:EPA)

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  • Kering (KER: EPA) is an international luxury group based in Paris. It owns luxury brands including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Bottega Veneta, Boucheron, Brioni.
  • As of October 25th 2017, the 1Y return was +113,9%. The two major gains happened after the quarterly financial reports of Q1 2017 and Q3 2017 when brands Gucci and Saint Laurent (which represent more than 64% of the revenues) beat all expectations.
  • Re-analytics datasets anticipated this momentum by almost one month on the press release (dataset: Product pricing, distribution and discounting on selected highly relevant fashion-luxury marketplaces).
  • Main reasons for this success:
    • Time: Results are published quarterly with 24+ days of delay; our datasets monitors brand performance as it happens.
    • Quality: The selection of marketplaces and metrics is the result of years of working alongside industry CEOs and analysts.
    • Quantity: We benchmark constantly more than 20.000 brands, to project a more accurate understanding of brand momentum.
  • Key anticipators for Gucci and Saint Laurent success (66% of Kering revenues):
    • Sales correlation: Volumes are rising in all price segments and in key markets
    • Margin and sales correlation: Discounts on products to public are very rare, so rare it’s an astonishing exception among peers
    • Distribution control: Off price and parallel marketplaces are very low