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Increasingly analysts and business users work hands-on with web sources to fuel analyses and models.  Connotate’s self-service web data extraction platform makes it easier for investment analysts and researchers to monitor and harvest the precise data they need from online sources.



The exact content you need, delivered in the format – and on the schedule – you want.

Integrates with databases, analytics and BI tools.



Connotate agents don’t break with most site format changes.

Handles dynamic sites built with JavaScript and Ajax



Point-and-click agent creation, simply by navigating websites.

Patented machine learning extracts from over 95% of sites

Featured Case Study

Predicting Performance Data and Supporting Trends with Web Data

“Connotate’s solution provided me with information on product pricing, inventory trends, advertising spend, website conversion rates, unit orders, and other valuable unstructured data that is otherwise difficult to collect but highly valuable to analyze”



Financial & Market Research:  Monitoring the Web for Insights & Actionable Intelligence (ebook) –  Gaining access to financial and market intelligence enables organizations to make proactive decisions, reduce business risks, rapidly exploit market openings, pinpoint sales opportunities, and create high-value data products and services. The single largest source of this rich intelligence is the web. However, acquiring content from the web is not always an easy task. Connotate’s self-service web data extraction platform allows you to identify and extract the precise data you need, in the format you want.

Financial & Market Research (solution brief) – In today’s complex global markets, investors and analysts need comprehensive, up-to-date sector and company information to stay ahead of rapidly evolving market conditions. The web provides an unprecedented wealth of information that they can use to predict industry trends and make more informed investment decisions.

Mining Alternative Data: A Trend or A Must-Have? (blog post) – For investment advisors, researchers, analysts and intelligence teams in search of an edge, easy access to “alternative data” becomes more attractive every day.  Mine your own alternative data from the web.

Request a Consultation – Know the data set(s) that you want to harvest?  The sites that you want to harvest the data from?  Speak to a web data specialist to find out if Connotate’s web data extraction platform is for you.

See how it works – Watch this short video to see how quickly you can train an agent to harvest job posting details.