Data Analyst – Investment Manager (NYC)

An Investment Manager in New York is looking for a Data Analyst to identify, source and analyze alternative data forms which may include surveys, point of sales, credit card data and web-harvested information and other forms of new, structured and unstructured information that will look at a company’s business strategy and operational efficiency for investment insights.


  • Work Closely with Fundamental Equity Analysts and Portfolio Managers to identify and develop data -oriented solutions that contribute to investment research
  • Present and communicate data driven research and ideas that will help to identify changes in business conditions and shape the narrative on an investment decision
  • Proactively discover unique data sources that offer alpha generation opportunities
  • Use Business Intelligence applications to identify investment signals and trends
  • Use Machine Learning applications on unstructured data to extract investment insights
  • Conduct Big Data Research
  • Creatively source, aggregate and analyze massive amounts of data
  • Use SQL to query large databases
  • Monitor data quality and identify data integrity problems


  • Must have 4 years of Business Intelligence and/or Equity Data Analysis Experience
  • Must have a quantitative degree, high GPA from a Top School
  • Must have experience working in equities investment research or business intelligence at a corporation
  • Must have superior oral and written communications skills
  • Must have strong statistical modeling experience (Excel, SAS, R, Python)
  • Strong SQL experience
  • Must have proficiency with databases and visualization software
  • Must be able to have creative analytical skills to identify investment signals and trends
  • Must be able to work in a collegial but time sensitive investment environment
  • Candidate may be working in a business intelligence position at a large corporation providing data driven insights on consumer trends, industry trends and company performance trends that would help identify and forecast changing business conditions.

Keywords: Data Analyst, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence, Text Mining, Web Scraping, SQL, Parsing, Python, Scripting, MapReduce, Hadoop

Please send resumes to Jim Geiger