Extended Dataset Description

Quandl helps firms get information advantages from data. They aggregate, enrich, apply and deliver unique, high-quality, actionable non-market data for institutional customers.

Quandl now offers over 30 alt datasets, including: Auto Sales Estimates, Aviation Intelligence, Business Risk Metrics, and Amazon Product Purchases.

Flexible, per-dataset pricing offered for most products

Use Cases

  • Quantitative hedge funds use Quandl data as additive inputs to trading strategies.
  • Discretionary funds use Quandl data to add to their investment research mosaic.
    • Among discretionary funds, key use cases include event-driven and long/short investing.

Product Differentiation

Data is prepared and ready to use immediately. Our data products are unique and often exclusive to Quandl. Cover a broad range of asset classes, sectors, and securities due to the aggregate nature of the business. Have been building the technology and data science to support data offering since 2014.