Extended Dataset Description

  • RavenPack News & Social Media Analytics: Allow clients to enhance returns, reduce risk and increase efficiency by systematically incorporating the effects of public information in their models or workflows
  • RavenPack Text Analytics: text analysis as a service, turning clients content into a strategic asset

Use Cases

  • Fundamental and Discretionary Investors seeking a more “quantamental” or data driven approach to investing and trading.
  • Research Analyst and Portfolio Managers sorting through the noise and identifying relevant signals from regulatory filings, broker research, transcripts, news, blogs, investor notes, etc.
  • Data Scientists and Quantitative Analysts incorporating structured data derived from unstructured content directly into investing and trading models.
  • Compliance Officers and Risk Managers eliminating false positives and getting alerted on relevant internal conversations. Providing proof of conversation for regulators.

Product Differentiation

  • Industry pioneer backed by proven research and reputable publishers.
  • Version controlled RavenPack data delivered through the RavenPack API, self-service data platform as well as visualization tools via the RavenPack platform