Extended Dataset Description

API Feeds: For either quant trading or research purposes. We scrape over a billion articles in real-time, deriving 60+ metrics per article that we scrape. This is either used for quant trading utilizing our metrics algorithmically, or for research purposes to invoke article headlines & URLs.

API Feed (Dow Jones): Quant trading data feed that utilizes the Dow Jones global newswire, deriving our analytics on their real-time feed as well as 14 years of historical data.

BlackScope: Predictive analytics dataset that provides daily signals on the S&P 500, created utilizing our API metrics, combined with 800+ quant metrics and 200k machine-learning models.

Fundamental Alpha: Predictive analytics dataset that provides same store sales predictions for the top 50 consumer companies, 7 days before the company reports their earnings.

Coming Soon: Russell 3000 Predictive Analytics, Euro Stoxx 600 Predictive Analytics