Full Dataset Description

Bombora is an aggregator of company research intelligence. Over the past 4 years, we have created partnerships with 4,000+ sites including publishers, analyst firms, lead gen/event companies and B2B vendors. We provide them with enhanced visitor analytics and advertising capabilities by placing a pixel on their sites. In turn, they share anonymized content consumption activity (40B monthly interactions) that happens on their web properties (ex: article reads, whitepaper/webinar downloads, etc). We process each interaction to reveal the company they work for (using IP to Domain and cookie profile data) and the topic they’re researching (proprietary NLP auto-classifying into one of 4,300+ topics). The data is aggregated and normalized daily to reveal a consistent data stream of company research activities and trends. You can use the data to predict buying intent, earnings surprise, risk, expansion, M&A, ESG trends on any of the 3.3M companies we currently track (including the vast majority of Wilshire 5,000) or general industry/geo trends.