Extended Dataset Description

Digital Momentum (SIGNAL) – a value between 0 and 100 that is an indication of increasing interest in a company or subject based on metadata. The higher the number, the higher the interest in the subject.

Outbound Tender Volume Index (OTVI) – updated daily, this dataset shows truckload volumes outbound from a particular market. An increase in OTVI shows an increase in demand for trucks because more freight is being shipped out of a particular market.

Outbound Tender Rejection Index (OTRI) – a daily index showcasing the percent of contracted freight that is being rejected by carriers or brokers. An increase in this suggests a tightening market with less available capacity and more purchasing power moving towards carrier/broker.

Intermodal Rates (INTRM) – showcases the average daily spot rate of an intermodal container per mile. Increasing rates suggest increasing demand for rail capacity.

Operating Ratio (OR) – updated monthly, this showcases the average OR of the top performing truckload carriers and can be divided by company or leased fleets and by dry van or flatbed. It is one of several benchmarks for carriers to compare against. A lower OR suggests higher profits for the average truckload carriers.

Net Revenue by Truck by Week (NETREV) – updated monthly, showcases the average revenue that an individual truck brings in each week. A higher NETREV suggests a healthier truckload market for carriers.

Outbound Rail Containers (ORAIL) – updated daily, this tells uses the total number of empty or loaded rail containers leaving individual markets. Very useful for understanding which markets are seeing more activity and which ones are struggling.

There is much much more available than possible to include here.