Extended Dataset Description

M Analysis: Leverages unique data and analyst expertise to provide in-depth analysis and insights
  • Product offering is the publication of detailed analysis and analytics of public and private companies. M Analysis represents a combination of data science and analyst teams’ written work, incorporating estimates and insights for companies / industries that are used to generate alpha and improve insights by unifying data from disparate sources
  • Coverage spans across 167 companies across US & EU Consumer and Industrials and US and China TMT
  • Frequency: Multiple reports per quarter
M Data: Near real-time access to modeled data products and systematic methodologies (566 companies and brands globally) 
  • Provides access to multi-sourced data and derived data outputs. M Science’s infrastructure enables portfolio managers, analysts and data scientists to seamlessly access and integrate data directly into their models and workflow.
  • Coverage spans across 566 companies and sub-brands globally
  • Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly
M Data Viz: Interactive visualization tool
  • Visualize. Customize. Explore. M Data Viz allows for direct data access and increased flexibility via centralized web based dashboards.  Delivers comprehensive competitive analysis and benchmarking that is tailored to specific businesses and/or industries.
  • Frequency: Daily, Weekly, Monthly
TickerTags, By M Science: Digital ecosystem conversation mapping
  • Maps and monitors a multitude of tangible and intangible business drivers that influence companies and markets. TickerTags converts real time conversation activity into data that is useful for investment analysis through a combination of technology and a resource intensive research processes
  • 24/7, up to the minute


Product Differentiation

  • M Science is constantly identifying and cultivating new sources of alternative data. M Science pioneered the use of anonymized credit and debit card transactions almost 10 years ago.
  • In addition to licensed third party data, M Science has employed a scalable platform which harvests data from publicly available sources and contains several years of historical data.
  • Analysis is a mosaic of different datasets leveraged by the expertise of data science and engineering team coupled with analysts deep domain knowledge.
  • Partnering with M Science lends both credibility to the efficacy of the data and legitimacy to the source. Validation by M Science increases additional revenue opportunities to data partners.
  • Recently have increased relevancy with European and Asian products. Data visualization platform currently hosts products across video games, China internet and the global handset supply chain. M Data E and the rest of data products will be made available on M Data Viz.
  • SEC Registered Investment Advisor, subject to a host of policies and procedures. In addition, all data partners are subject to an in depth diligence process prior to onboarding.