Full Dataset Description

Our process begins with our distressed company analysts. BankryuptcyData analysts and our proprietary technology and methods screen for companies every data that we feel exhibit signs of distress.

When they file for bankruptcy, we further kick into gear. We database case information for all companies that file bankruptcy in the 94 U.S. Bankruptcy Courts in near time.

Additionally, we “track” and report on public companies currently operating under Chapter 11 protection, plus all companies with 50MM in Assets or liabilities. This process allows us to continue collecting information about the public company bankruptcy, including: plans of reorganization and disclosure statements, debtor-in-possession financing information, professional retention data, 363 sales motions, key employee incentive plans, monthly operating reports, claim transfer activity, securities and security pricing data, committee information and much more.

Our platform allows subscribers to flush out extensive details about individual bankruptcies, identify a group of companies that meet a specific criteria or allow our subscribers to stay on top of the industry in general.

BankruptcyData has reinvigorated how professionals interested in the bankruptcy sector consume, share, manage and leverage vital data, research and analysis. We provide a competitive advantage to those interested in making more informed decisions regarding the bankruptcy and distressed sectors.