You write the logic, ReadyPipe handles everything else.

  • Proxies
  • Server and database management
  • User agent rotation
  • Monitoring
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts
  • and much more

Completely web-based platform, nothing to download, no libraries to manage.

A completely web-based solution so it works from anywhere. No hassle with setting up local environments and deployment processes making it much easier to onboard new users and jumping back in.

Live support from expert engineers that help you debug and find endpoints.

Our support engineers are experts at building web scrapers and, at just a click away, can ensure your team will never get stuck and always get the data they need. This support extends to troubleshooting code, system design and implementation.

8 years and millions of dollars in research and development.

ReadyPipe is the web-based interface for YipitData’s proprietary web scraping technology. The same technology that YipitData has used to build thousands of systems to support over 150 of the world’s top hedge funds and asset managers.

Why Teams Choose ReadyPipe

Get data fast

No dealing with outsourcers or IT, with ReadyPipe, anyone can get the data they need themselves and fast

Eliminate back-and-forth

No need for writing up long product specs and going back and forth with developers

Guaranteed to work

When teams get stuck, our live support can help debug and find endpoints to ensure you get the data you need

Don’t need to be technical

We have many users with no technical background writing their own scrapers after going through our training program

Secure and Backed-Up

High-level security processes to ensure your data and processes are secure

Everything ReadyPipe Does For You

  • Complete server management
  • Error logging and alerts
  • Scales servers automatically 
  • Monitoring dashboards
  • Write your scrapers in python
  • User agent management
  • Access to all expected python libraries
  • Database management
  • Automatic retry logic on network errors
  • Query data right from ReadyPipe
  • Automatic proxy management
  • Sync data out of S3 to your own database
  • Task scheduling and concurrency
  • Debugging and end point finding support

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