Advantages over Competition

Relevant: We apply the right combination of tools to help our clients answer the pivotal questions that matter most – questions from UBS Research analysts, active investors and other market sources. That is what has enabled UBS Evidence Lab to power over 6,000 reports published by UBS Research, which is ranked #1 in 2017 and 2018 Institutional Investor Global Equity Research.

Robust: A breadth of expertise and focus on quality. Our experts, working globally across 45 specialized areas, know the pitfalls and opportunities involved in harvesting, cleansing, enriching, and connecting data from various sources. UBS Evidence Lab’s insight-ready datasets are based on quality, vetted data to bring you useful and actionable evidence.

Ready: Access insight-ready datasets today. With a subscription to UBS Evidence Lab, you can download the same datasets that we provide to UBS Research analysts, strategists, and economists. Search by sector, company or topic to gain access to datasets where you can explore interactive models and investigate the underlying data.


Secondary Data Sources

App Usage, Credit/Debit Card, Data Aggregator, Email/Consumer Receipts, Geo-location, Point of Sale, Public Data, Satellite, Sell-side, Social/Sentiment, Survey, Weather, Web Data, Web Traffic