Beryl Elites Conferences will bring together leaders in investment management on September 5th in New York to discuss how alternative data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are changing the investing landscape. The event is chaired by David Teten (Managing Partner, HOF Capital) and Vidak Radonjic (Managing Partner, The Beryl Consulting Group).

Preliminary agenda includes, among other topics:

  • How AI and alt data can be used to improve portfolio allocation, optimization, and risk management
  • An intro to finding Alpha in alt data: how these data set help managers differentiate themselves
  • Alt data and challenges to managers: selecting the data from vendors, cleaning, incorporating data into processes
  • How to assess data procurement processes, how to reach the best insights the fastest
  • Leveraging the best data sources to generate ideas across industries: finance, transport, healthcare, retail, media, oil & gas, real estate
  • Unique data sets and their interpretation: geospatial data, credit card sales, sentiment analysis, social media feeds
  • How alternative data are being used to change and improve venture capital investing
  • Finding investment opportunities in blockchain by analyzing alternative data
  • AI and alt data: the latest trends in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds