Artificial Intelligence is deemed to be the main driver of the 4th Industrial Revolution. The finance industry is anticipated to lead the way in adoption of AI with a significant projected increase in spending over the next three years. In order to process and understand the masses of data out there, methods such as machine learning and sentiment analysis have become essential to open the gateway to data analytics.  

This conference will help you to demystify the buzz around AI and differentiate the reality from the hype. Learn about how you can benefit from the unprecedented progress in AI technologies. Participants will be presented with real insights on how they can exploit these technological advances for themselves and their companies.

Why participate?

  • Hear from leading subject experts from UK, US, Europe and India/Hong Kong
  • Programme includes the latest state-of-the-art research, practical applications and case studies
  • Expect technical and in-depth presentations and discussions; we bring to you the latest in the global FINTECH scene and stimulate your brain cells!
  • Excellent networking opportunities throughout the days with all participants, including presenters, investors and exhibitors.