• One Click Retail - e-commerce data analytics firm. Provides sales figures for items sold on (WSJ, subscription required)
  • TransCore - provides various transportation industry metrics. 
  • Scoop Analytics - retail sentiment data from Twitter news and events.
  • DataTrek - new capital markets newsletter with a focus on data by a former SAC PM/analyst. (paid)
  • BrandLoyalties - brand loyalty indices based on consumer citations.
  • Othe datasets and providers:
    • Acuris - trade ideas network, regulatory and policy developments tracker, and event-driven news feed on capital markets transactions.
    • HFA Group - consolidation, data optimization, and other infrastructure solutions.
    • Stax - data-driven consulting firm, focused on institutional investors.
    • Street Diligence - capital structure analytics and distressed acquisition tools, primarily for credit investors.
RFD (REQUEST FOR DATA) New! Multibillion-dollar L/S funds are looking for the following. Please reach out to if you have any of these datasets:
  • Data estimating advertising revenue for Facebook, Google, and Twitter. 
  • Email receipt, credit card, or app data for the gaming industry (PC or mobile).
  • Flight utilization prior to departure (load factor) by airline (US domestic).
  • Alpha Architect, a small asset manager, published a primer on machine learning for investors. (Alpha Architect)
  • Geo-location startup, Thasos Group, published an analysis of Whole Foods traffic following its acquisition by Amazon. "The following stores experienced the highest rates of customer defection to Whole Foods: Trader Joe’s (10%), Sprouts (8%), Target (3%). Customer Defection Rates remained elevated for all competing stores as of September 16. The new customers Whole Foods attracted with its price reduction were the wealthiest regular customers of the competing stores." (Thasos Group, pdf)
  • YipitData & MoffettNathanson analysis reveals Netflix has made big gains with in-house TV shows, despite studios pulling some content. (MediaPost, YipitData)
  • UBS Evidence Lab published an analysis that local regulations are slowing down Airbnb’s growth. (ValueWalk)
  • Banks may be making it more difficult to access consumer transaction data. “Over the past six to nine months there’s been a sharp uptick in deliberate bank blockages,” a source with direct knowledge of the matter told Yahoo Finance. (Yahoo Finance)
    • Senator Ed Markey (D-Mas.) sent a letter to the CFPB siding with the banks. (ABA Banking Journal)
  • Sentiment analysis provider, Dataminr, accurately predicted Brexit outcome and other legislative decisions by analyzing Twitter. (ValueWalk)
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