• EEDAR - data and analytics on over 127K video game products. 
  • - daily data on various Chinese P2P companies, including Yirendai (YRD), PPDF, Rapid Finance.
  • Re-analytics - web data analytics on fashion, retail, consumer, and travel companies. 
  • Pitchbook - database of private company and VC information. 
  • Innovata - airline flight and cargo schedule information.
  • Above Data - data consulting/sourcing services started by ex-JPM AM analyst. 
  • Satellite data providers and services:
    • Urthecast (TSX:UR) - satellite imagery and video provider.
    • Mavrx - satellite, aerial, and infrared data for agriculture.
    • Geocento - provides analytical services on satellite and aerial imagery.
    • Earthcube - satellite data focused on defense and infrastructure.
  • Other data sources and providers: 
    • J Capital Research - uses survey data for research and investment ideas on commodities, equities, and property; primarily China-focused.
    • Kinetica - GPU-accelerated (really fast) analytics database.
    • B23 -  data ingestion and visualization platform.
    • Dawex - open alternative data marketplace for companies looking to monetize their data.
    • OTAS - visualizes social media data to provide stock sentiment.
    • RunningAlpha -  generates trade ideas from financial sentiment data.
    • Eurekahedge - database focused on indices and news on hedge funds.
  • Moody’s acquires minority stake in CompStak, a firm that collects granular information on property listings from brokers and developers. Some of thedatapoints they collect (e.g. landlord concessions) are not publically available elsewhere. (WSJsubscription required)
  • YipitData launches a price/load factor curve tool using bookings-weighted data on United (UAL) to help gauge the health of the pricing environment.(YipitData)
  • Wolfe Research partners with RS Metrics, a satellite data provider, to incorporate satellite data into fundamental research. (prweb)
  • Credit Suisse partners with Ravenpack, a sentiment data provider, to create a sentiment index from news analyses. (Credit Suisse)
  • Wall Street Horizon, an event data provider, launches EventBreaks, an alert system that lets you know when and how corporate events change.(Businesswire)
Multibillion-dollar L/S funds are looking for the following. Please reach out to if you have any of these datasets:
  • Datasets on digital advertising, particularly ad inventories and CPCs.
  • Two academics publish their process for using sentiment data to predict iPhone X success. (insideBIGDATA)
  • An analysis by Sentieo, a news analytics platform, shows NFLX management less bullish than street. (Sentieo)
  • YipitData’s web data accurately predicted out-of-consensus room-night growth for EXPE. Also identified drivers of pressure, noting weak trends in the U.S. hotels business, as well as the monetization efforts at HomeAway. (YipitData)
  • Two articles discuss why the alternative data skillset is getting more valuable. 
    • “There are all these big data sets that could be useful to inform the investment decisions that stock pickers are making. But they don’t currently exist in a form that is useful for investment managers.” - Mark Ainsworth, head of data insights at Schroders. (Financial Times)
    • “What will happen is that as data becomes more and more commoditised, the value is going to be on the intellectual capital to turn the data into information for a specific problem. Just because you have got data doesn’t mean you can really perceive how to use the data to solve problems that you have.” - Ken Nickerson, MD at Morgan Stanley. (HFM Technology)
  • Dataminr, a social sentiment data provider, predicted the acquisition of Kite Pharma 5 days before it was announced. (Financial Times)
  • Maverick set to debut two new funds focused on short-term alpha signals from alternative datasets. (Business Insider)
  • Good intro to satellite data applications. Geospatial Insights used high-res aerial photography to assess the impact of hurricanes in Houston and Key West. (The Edge Markets)
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