New Datasets
  • YipitData integrates one of the largest and fastest growing email receipt panels into its data offering, expanding coverage and increasing product granularity and accuracy. (Full announcement)
Providers Added to the Database
  • Omney Data - Web data tracking retailer pricing and promotional activity/discounting.
  • Bloomberg Tesla Tracker - Tracks Model 3 production by counting VIN sequences across National Highway Traffic Safety Administration registrations, social media, and user submissions.
  • Verbatim Advisory Group - Survey data focused on business services, consumer products, retail & restaurants, industrials & energy, and TMT.
  • Caserta - Builds alternative data implementation systems for hedge funds and tier-1 banks.
  • Moody’s Data Alliance - Data portal tracking commercial and industrial loans to private companies. (Integrity Researchsubscription required)
  • AlphaLetters - Research provider that manually reviews and summarizes top academic papers on quant investment strategy.
  • See full public database of 277 data providers.
  • VisibleAlpha, a research interface, announces investment from HSBC, joining a group of several other sell-side investors. (Intergrity Researchsubscription required)
  • Neudata, a data consultant, launches a use-case research service for investors to apply alternative datasets for different investment narratives. (Neudata)
  • Autotrader (LON:AUTO) - Tracks listing counts, dealer counts, key product penetration rates, and UK used car transactions. (YipitData)
New Jobs
Consulting Projects (NEW)
  • Consulting project for transaction data experts: Projects for data analysts or scientists with experience making KPI estimates using email receipt and/or credit card data. Requires knowledge of unbiasing and modeling techniques beyond simple growth rate analysis. Competitive compensation. Contact for more information.
News & Insights
  • A report from Morgan Stanley and Oliver Wyman estimates that 40% of employees on the buy-side will require fundamental retraining to improve data and analytics capabilities. (Oliver Wymanlong read)
  • SAE, the quant arm investment unit within BlackRock, uses alternative datasets to turn out tools for the asset manager's traditional investment groups. (Financial Timessubscription required)
    • Economic gauges used across investment teams are created by SAE using internet searches, online invoices, and traffic patterns.
    • Over 37% of SAE employees are PhDs in computer science, physics, and engineering.
  • Datasets used to track Tesla Model 3 production include Bloomberg’s new VIN trackerU.S. import records, and imagery of factory lots(Bloomberg)
  • Earnest Research, a credit card data provider, reports that HelloFresh surpassed Blue Apron in share of the $5bn American meal-kit market.(Recode)
  • Funds that access public filing information see 1.5% higher returns in the following month than funds using no public information. (Bloomberg BriefFull Paper)
    • The research had its flaws, however, in identifying hedge funds accurately. (Integrity Researchsubscription required)
  • Insights from survey at JPMorgan quant conference in Asia. (@RobinWigg)
    • 53% say sentiment data is most promising data type.
    • Lack of talent and high fixed cost are top barriers to entry in using big data.
  • James Rosseau, Chief Commercial Officer of LegalShield, discusses data generation, application, and backtesting of Law Index dataset, which uses legal activity to forecast economic conditions. (SeekingAlpha)