Providers Added to the Database
  • - Public data on corporate aircraft flight activity used to identify future corporate deals.
  • Datarama - Public data aggregated from specialised media sources on private and public companies in Southeast Asia and Greater China.
  • Scrapehero - Bespoke web scraping solutions.
  • SpaceKnow - Satellite provider with datasets covering autos, airlines, manufacturing, and construction.
  • See full public database of 280 data providers.
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News & Insights
  • DC District Court is allowing a constitutional challenge to the CFAA to proceed, issuing language that web-scrapers may have First Amendment protection. (TechdirtBoing Boing)
  • IHS Markit will incorporate web-scraped data into its AI data initiative. The company has advanced beyond AI for process automation into AI for product improvement, which signals that integration with other alternative data categories is likely. (Integrity Researchsubscription required)
  • Study on Fed data leaks using taxi data hints at the wide range of use cases available for data collected by Uber and other ride-sharing services.(UChicago)
  • Alpha Architect summarizes high-level steps for performing sentiment analysis on Twitter. (Alpha Architect)
  • PreData, a social data analytics platform, uses volatility in social media along with other alternative data signals to predict North Korean missile launches and macro market trends alike. (AlleyWatch)
  • Decode project explores how blockchain may one day govern ownership of personal transactions data. Pilot already incubating in Amsterdam and Barcelona.  (The Guardian)