Providers Added to the Database
  • Fashionbi - Web data covering digital presence, social media performance, and financial data across 3500+ fashion and luxury brands.
  • LikeFolio - Consumer sentiment data via partnership with Twitter.
  • MASSIVE Data Heights - Web data on consumer reviews. Covers electronics & cosmetics.
  • Panvista Analytics - Trade show and conference monitoring data using nametag beacons.
  • Amareos - Sentiment provider and visualization platform.
  • CropProphet - Weather-focused US Grains yield and production forecast system.
  • ICEYE - Satellite data provider using weather-agnostic imaging technology. Raised $34mm in Series B financing. (prnewswire)
  • TYR Data - Alternative data consultant covering sentiment, social media, facial recognition, and booking data.
  • BMLL Technology - Research platform for combining alternative datasets with order book data.
  • Kyber Data Science - Alternative data team within Cowen. (trademarkiaziprecruiter)
  • Real Factors - Platform for commercial real estate investors to integrate alternative data sources. (alleywatch)
  • Realyse - Data on price per square foot, supply, and demographics on UK real estate.
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Job Candidate
  • Research professional with global experience in fundamental analysis and alternative data is interested in joining buy-side firm to build data team. Contact for more information.
News & Insights
  • Investment banks are ramping up hiring for data skillset.
    • According to efinancialcareers, BNP Parbias, Deustche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and UBS are leading the pack, while Barclays, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs are playing catch-up. (efinancialcareers)
    • Cowen appears to be building out a data science team of its own, based on trademark and job posting. (trademarkiaziprecruiter)
  • Where quantamental shines: quant tools are most useful for fundamental analysts to strategically augment the emotional side of investing and get out ahead of fundamental reporting.
    • “They have to find a mathematical model for the ‘gut feeling.’” - Jon Neitzell, Chief Data Officer of Fundamental Equities at Goldman Sachs. (Bloomberg)
    • "Fundamental acceleration [is a] novel machine learning technique to estimate future fundamentals." - Ronnie Shah, US Head of Quantitative Strategy at Deustche Bank. (4-traders, tip: Quandl)
  • Data Disrupt brought together industry leaders to discuss alternative data. (Notes)
  • Data from Factual, a geo-location provider, provides insight into Whole Foods customers based on demographics and path to purchase. (Forbes)
  • Realyse, a real estate data provider, shows correlation between price per square foot data and real estate stock performance. (Realysetip: Quandl)