Providers Added to the Database
Geo-location Data on: 
  • 600k retail locations, accurate within 3ft: Uber Media
  • Retail and events such as concerts, sports, and movies: Sky Deo
Sentiment Data on:
  • Social media across 17 languages. Can be filtered by theme, asked as anormally phrased question (i.e. not coding): Repustate
  • News, social media, blogs and forums, including investment strategy suggestions based on the data: SESAMm
  • ESG topics within SEC filings: Data Simply
Other Data:
  • Pricing data for retail, financial services, travel, and healthcare services in LatAm: Quexopa
  • UK telecom network data on mobile reception quality across 100k devices (info on customer experience): Teragence
  • Public and crowd-sourced data on global subsidiaries and ownership structures of companies: OpenCorporates
  • Database of 8mm prominent individuals and their relationships (think LinkedIn for digging into relationships between owners, leadership, board members across companies): RelationshipScience
  • Public data on cross-border capital flows for macro-focused FX investors. Focused on China: Exante Data
  • Data integration and visualization platform utilized by JP Morgan: Mosaic Smart Data
  • Data integration and modeling platform utilized and invested in by PIMCO: Beacon
  • Data aggregation platform with public data on energy and industrials: Zdaly
  • Web data consultant and provider (for commonly requested retail sites): Scraping Hub
See full public database of 329 data providers.
  • YipitData initiated coverage of CarGurus (CARG). Dataset will track paying dealers & listings across all six of CARG's current geographies, allowing investors to monitor CARG's conversion of non-paying to paying subscriptions and the pace of their int'l expansion. (Request Info)
    • YipitData's autos analyst to host a webinar next week - will provide an overview of the data and insights from the research, register here.
  • Advana geo-location provider, released revenue-forecasting tool. (globenewswire)
  • Quantcubea data broker, raised $5mm in Series A funding from Moody’s and venture fund Five Capital. (finextra)
  • Research professional with global experience in fundamental analysis and alternative data is interested in joining buy-side firm to build data team. Contact for an introduction.
  • Order volume for Japanese online real estate platform Tateru (TYO: 1435). Contact for more information.
  • PIMCO asserts that ability to use alternative data will be a key differentiator among asset managers, and walks the walk by investing in Beacon, an alternative data integration platform. (MarketsMedia)
  • Neuberger Berman Chief Data Scientist Michael Recce discusses thefundamental investment use case of alternative data (Invest Like The Best). He covers:
    • Why agile development is a good model for alternative data teams
    • Why data process and talent create a moat and avoid alpha decay
    • Why AUM scale and return profile of long-only asset managers positions them well to benefit from alternative data
  • Estimize CEO Leigh Drogen's previous interviews on Invest Like The Best discuss alternative data at length as well. (Invest Like The BestInvest Like The Best)
  • Six new funds at BlackRock to incorporate alternative data signals and machine learning. (Citywire)
  • On hiring to build out your data team: “It’s a war to find unique talent. It’s almost like alternative data, it’s alternative talent - where will you find it? It can’t just be the top universities all over again. You have to go and find new ways to get talent early and in other places.” - Worldquant President Michael DeAddio. (valuewalklong video - quote from 16 min mark)
  • Alternative data being used by investor relations teams. An unusual example is Geniusthe lyric website, being scraped for company-name features in popular songs, resulting in sentiment boosts. (IR Magazine)
  • Edison, an email receipt provider, shows how retailers with successful e-commerce operations (Kohl’s, Macy’s) are outperforming the competition (Sears, JC Penney). (WSJ)