• Survey data tracking consumer behavior and brand perception across global panel of 6mm (2mm U.S.): YouGov
  • Public data including government-sourced datasets aggregated from over 2000 open data portals: Apertio Technologies
  • Sentiment data on earnings calls using both content and tone of voice analysis: FactSquared
  • Sentiment data from financial news and social media: ALASA
See public database of 390 data providers.
  • 70% of hedge funds use or expect to eventually use alternative data in their investment process, up from 52% in 2016, according to EY survey. (Full ReportPress Release)
  • WSJ reports how banks are increasingly integrating alternative data sources into research reports as well as providing data directly to clients. (WSJsubscription required)
  • Ryan Caldbeck, CEO of early stage consumer goods investment firm Circle Up, discusses using data to inform private equity investing. Data points include Twitter messaging, brand engagement, and image processing of packaging for word count and nutritional information. (Invest Like theBestpodcast)
  • Founders of Thasos Group, a geo-location provider, discuss using data from over 100mm phones to track the flow of people across malls, factories, and drilling sites alike. (WSJsubscription required)