• Web traffic and downloads data mapped to company IP addresses to understand what topics employees are researching. Obtained through direct partnership with content publishers: Bombora
  • Geo-location store visit data with 2 year history and consistent consumer panel: Fysical
  • Data aggregator tracking imports, exports, flows and floating storage of crude oil, gasoline, diesel, etc.: Vortexa
  • Public data on Hong Kong property transactions, stock holdings, and more. Cleaned and made easily accessible via API: Data Guru Limited

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  • and BattleFin launched an Alternative Data Pricing Survey for data buyers and providers. Respondents will get early access to the published report. Take Survey Here.


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  • Integrity Research summarizes the top trends in alternative data in 2018, centered around removing barriers to use. This is being done via visual analytics platforms, integrating multiple datasets to make more comprehensive products, and accessing datasets outside the U.S. (Integrity Researchsubscription required)
  • Renaissance Macro Research uses Google Trends search data to estimate 0.3% growth in U.S. retail sales for December, compared to a 0.4% estimate from economists surveyed by Bloomberg. The official government numbers were not released due to the federal shutdown. (Bloomberg)
  • Ashby Monk, research director of Global Projects Center at Stanford, claims that large institutional investors are best positioned to benefit from alternative data in the long run, as they can use the data to assess risk and fully understand their portfolio. (CFA Institute)
  • NYTimes discusses how satellite data is increasingly accessible due to decreasing costs, but has limited use cases for investors. (NYTimes)
  • Amenity Analytics, a data provider that analyzes financial text documents, explains how their technology aims to replicate CIA interrogation techniques in detecting deceptive statements in earnings call transcripts. (BI Primesubscription required)