• Quandl added data on US job listings by company. (Quandl)
  • Big Byte Insights, a REIT-focused web data provider, added data on multifamily apartment REITs.
  • Hivemind, an alternative data infrastructure provider, closed funding round with Barclays and Fidelity. Details were not disclosed. (businesswire)
  • Vortexa, an energy data provider, closed $5mm Series A. (Business Insider)


  • Alibaba (BABA):
    • Item listings on and/or
    • Advertising Revenue - click volume and CPCs
  • Dataset on number portability to track subscribers to major wireless networks.

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  • Global head of active equities at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Deborah Orida, discusses how the fund uses alternative data to inform long-term outlook. In one example, the fund compared real-estate companies using a public registry of realtors to understand employee flow between firms. (Leaderpost)
  • Head of Point72 Market Intelligence, Matthew Granade, discusses the fund's strategy around data, public and private investing, and their thesis on model-driven companies. (Master's in Businesspodcast)
  • Investors look to satellite data on China as they're skeptical of official government figures. (Reuterstip: Quandl)
  • Former AIG quant uses web-scraped data from and sentiment analysis to evaluate a fund's purchase of Venezuelan debt. (towardsdatasciencelong read)
  • WSJ attributes volatility in retail stocks to short-term traders being emboldened by new data sources. (WSJlogin required
  • "The Book of Alternative Data" is to be published in 2020 by Wiley. (Twitter)