• Email transaction data from over 10mm consumers in US and Asia: Measurable AI
  • Data on device type, operating system, and telecom provider from 1.2bn monthly mobile devices used across an ad network of 300mm URLs: CyberStream
  • Download, usage and revenue data for every major mobile app: Apptopia
  • Geo-location data on 1.5bn monthly users tagged across 13mm places of interest:
  • Web traffic data collected from tracking server load, i.e. understanding which servers are used for which subdomains in order to track relative traffic over time: Del Mar Networks
  • Web data focused on the tech stack beneath the front-facing content, e.g. third party APIs, network-level analysis, etc.: Rook Research
  • Data on company capital expenditures over $30mm or 60 jobs created worldwide, available in near real time: Trendeo
  • Data on software used by university IT departments, with >90% coverage of North American schools while expanding globally: LISTedTECH
  • Public real estate data including listings, price changes, contracts, and sales: Real Estate Data
  • DNS query data by domain name, can be used to track SaaS company server lookups: Alternate DNS
  • Litigation database on courtroom results by company: Premonition
  • US Trademark data cleaned and organized by company: Inovayt
  • Sentiment data sourced from searches, alerts, and portfolios of 21mm users across desktop and mobile:

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  • YipitData launched large scale surveys to answer key forward-looking investor questions including:
    • Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada - Who is winning with consumers in Southeast Asia?
    • Carvana, Carmax - What is consumer appetite for online car-buying across platforms?
    • Uber, Lyft - Which service do drivers prefer and why?
    • EA, Activision, Epic, etc. - Which new games are best positioned for success across various demographics?
    • Momo, YY, Huya, etc. - Where are users spending the most on live streaming and what discounts are they receiving?
    • Tmall, Taobao, JD, Pinduoduo, etc. - Where do Chinese consumers prefer to buy various types of goods?
    • Spotify, Apple Music - How much time are users spending listening to podcasts vs. music, and which platform are they using?
    • New Oriental, TAL Education - Which education service is getting more student engagement and what discount rates are they offering?

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  • Eagle Alpha raised $2.4mm to grow its team by hiring additional data scientists and engineers. (Silicon Republic)
  • LinkUp, a provider of job listing data, partnered with S&P Dow Jones Indices to launch the S&P 500 LinkUp Jobs Index as an indicator of labor market health. (LinkUp)


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  • Investment News considers how Google could manage a fund using its massive amount of search data. (Investment News)
  • Sameer Gupta, head of data sourcing at Point72, says that the fund won't use data until they've built and critiqued the investment thesis, in contrast to funds that may start by searching large amounts of data for insights. (Rebellion Research)
  • O'Shaughnessy Asset Management publishes research on using patent data for systematic stock selection. They contrast patent activity against traditional data on innovation such as company-reported R&D activity. (OSAM)
  • FT covers how certain quant funds are beginning to hire fundamental analysts to inform their systematic approach. (Financial Times - subscription required)
  • KKR hires a Chief Information & Innovation Officer to spearhead data strategy. (KKR)
  • Katherine Glass-Hardenbergh, Associate PM at Acadian Asset Management, discusses how alternative data can be applied across various investment styles. (podcast)
  • Alliance Bernstein data science team blogs about their data use cases: informing KPI outlook, idea generation, and risk management. They also discuss their team structure: a centralized data team with embedded data scientists throughout business units. (Alliance Bernstein)