The biggest Chinese public companies and the top data providers that help investors find an edge.

We identified the 17 largest equities in China, based on market cap, for which alternative data exists. After interviewing most alternative data providers that cover these names, we compiled a list of the key providers for each company. This article was originally published on Integrity Research. Email us at with any questions. [wpdatatable id=15] Data Provider Evaluation Criteria:
  1. Buy side feedback: Anecdotes from fundamental buy side investors who have experience using these datasets.
  2. Data source type: Does the data source and analysis closely reflect and clarify company performance, narratives, or key metrics?
  3. Accuracy: How accurate have these providers been historically?
  4. Ease of use: Do the providers have raw data or do they also do their own QA and analysis in-house?
We also mapped all the alternative data providers that have data on these companies in the landscape below. China Data Landscape (vFFF)