Bespoke survey data and consulting covering consumer sector available in low latency with global coverage. Founded in 2009; 23 employees.

Arabesque S Ray

Data on company sustainability using news sentiment and public data. Founded in 1993; 174 employees.

Data in Harmony

Data cleaning, validation, and cost-reducing services (e.g. consulting on cost-effective datasets). Founded in 2010; 10 employees.

SciDex Alpha

Blockchain-based alternative data marketplace, currently populated with mostly demographic data. Founders are prioritizing getting more public and satellite data on the platform. Founded in 2018; 10 employees.


Sentiment data covering Twitter, newswire, SEC filings, and blogs. Founded in 2014; 2 employees.

Zhiwei Data

Chinese sentiment provider covering social media and news. Founded in 2012; 2 employees.

Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging

Tool for extracting structured metadata (people, places, companies, events) from unstructured text: Thomson Reuters Intelligent Tagging Founded in 2018; 10 employees.

Verto Analytics

App data with granularity to the device, frequency, and user level. Founded in 2013; 68 employees.

Umbra Lab

Raw satellite data using microsatellite technology that captures imagery regardless of weather conditions. Founded in 2015; 10 employees.


Weather data and commodity bid data dating back to 2008, available in real-time and sourced from 3,500 locations. Founded in 2008; 49 employees.