Web data by sector and geography (e.g. data on websites for hardware stores in NYC area), frequency of website changes, and website build quality. Founded in 2012; 6 employees.


Consumer survey data with low latency (deliver up to 300 responses in less than 60 minutes on average via network of 1mm responders). Founded in 2017; 53 employees.


Free sentiment and news data dating back to 1979 and geo-referenced to create global sentiment network. Coverage of 100+ languages and daily granularity since 2013. Founded in 2011; 1 employees.


Global telecom data aggregator with data on mobile provider usage. Founded in 2012; 46 employees.

Interconnect Analytics

Sentiment analysis platform for analyzing raw text sources. Founded in 2013; 5 employees.

Towergate Informatics

Air carrier passenger load data and customer review data, compiled daily. Founded in 2011; 3 employees.


Data on outperforming sell-side analysts when isolating specific company and sector scenarios, i.e. confidence data to complement sell-side ratings. Founded in 2014; 6 employees.


Global oil & gas cargo flow data using satellite, government, and other public registry sources. Founded in 2009; 70 employees.

Good Judgment

Crowd-sourced event forecasting provider; based out of UPenn study where group of amateur forecasters outperformed experts. Founded in 2014; 58 employees.


Intellectual property data covering healthcare, autos, and energy. Founded in 2009; 28 employees.