Public data aggregator covering 15 sectors, focused largely on geo-location and satellite data. Founded in 2018; 3 employees.


Satellite data covering construction and agriculture. Founded in 2014; 13 employees.

Orbital Insight

Satellite data with broad sector applications. Founded in 2013; 78 employees.

Descartes Labs

Geospatial image processing – receive satellite imaging from public and commercial partners. Founded in 2014; 75 employees.


Weather-focused US Grains yield and production forecast system. Founded in 2009; 3 employees.

BMLL Technology

Research platform for combining alternative datasets with order book data. Founded in 2014; 42 employees.

Audit Analytics

Provides audit, regulatory, and disclosure intelligence and data. They specialize in normalizing non-quantitative aspects of financial reporting that have a demonstrated impact on company performance. Founded in 2003; 70 employees.


Mobile phone traffic data. 1,600 tickers covered across several sectors. US and EU focused. Founded in 2015; 50 employees.