Sentiment and topic data for social media posts in any language.


Yewno’s dataset spans across news, patent filings, clinical trials, judicial documents, and government documents.


High accuracy geolocation and store visit data with 2 year history and consistent consumer panel.


POS data in Japan, covering 3,000,000 products across 4,000 companies. Data is provided daily only 2 days after actual purchase.


SimilarWeb provides daily refreshed web, app, search data on any company, globally

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

IFI CLAIMS produces a global patent database including 90+ countries, aggregated from 70+ sources. We calculate expiration dates and show which patent assets are still active.


Forward Looking Global Event Calendar covered by 2.5m+ Historical Global Event data-sets. Almanac is the Internet of Events.


DeepAffects provides CxO identification and emotion recognition data on historical and live earnings call audio, using AI applied directly to voice audio.


Sentiment data on earnings calls. Founded in 2018; 4 employees.

SMB Intelligence

Current prime growth business activity relevant to Opportunity Zones.