Medical device and hospital supplies sales covering 3,500 companies, 100k products, and 15% of total spend. Founded in 2013; 2 employees.

Interconnect Analytics

Sentiment analysis platform for analyzing raw text sources. Founded in 2013; 5 employees.


Intellectual property data covering healthcare, autos, and energy. Founded in 2009; 28 employees.


Pricing data for retail, financial services, travel, and healthcare services in LatAm. Founded in 2017; 3 employees.


Data on quantity of intellectual property a company has across technologies with high growth expectations (e.g. blockchain, AI), as well as risk and market data. Founded in 2015; 20 employees.


Japanese consumer transaction data of credit card, POS and point card covering 150+ companies. Founded in 2015; 20 employees.


Consensus estimates on public companies provided by both buy-side and sell-side analysts. Founded in 2011; 25 employees.


Global job listing provider with 150mm jobs tracked since 2007. Provides both raw data and insights. Founded in 1996; 45 employees.


Consulting and data brokerage services for buy side clients. Founded in 2016; 9 employees.

Skopos Labs

Uses proprietary machine learning platform to predict law, policy and news events and their impacts on specific equities and sectors. Founded in 2016; 7 employees.