• Chinese sentiment provider covering social media and news: Zhiwei Data
  • Sentiment data covering Twitter, newswire, SEC filings, and blogs: Metricle
  • Blockchain-based alternative data marketplace, currently populated with mostly demographic data. Founders are prioritizing getting more public and satellite data on the platform: SciDex Alpha
See public database of 363 data providers.
  • Crux Informatics, a data infrastructure provider, announced strategic partnership with Two Sigma, including minority equity investment in Crux. (prnewswire)
  • ComScore, a web traffic provider, hired new president away from digital ad agency 360i. (WSJsubscription required)
  • JetTrack, a corporate jet activity provider, partnered with ADS-B, the largest provider of private jet location data. (
  • 1099 data speaking to independent contractor costs for food delivery.
  • Data on transportation and logistics companies that are moving heavy machinery from a specific set of factories and the number of machines being transported.
  • Point-of-sale data for Latin America (Brazil in particular).
  • Facebook engagement data (posts, shares, etc.).
  • Food delivery in China, specifically GMV/orders/inventory by city for Meituan and
If you have this data or know who may, reply directly to this email.  See Requests for Data page to see all open requests or to make a new request.
  • Yahoo analyzes commercial emails from over 200mm inboxes to understand consumer behavior and improve ad targeting. (WSJsubscription required)
  • Google has been testing a new service for advertisers that uses Mastercard data to link ad spend with in-store purchases. (Bloomberg)
  • Bloomberg newsroom uses social/sentiment data to get ahead on breaking financial stories. (Reseller News)
  • Havelock London, an investment manager led by the former CIO of quant fund Winton, launches a quantamental fund combining bottom-up portfolio selection with data-driven asset allocation. (Institutional Asset Manager)
  • Google launches beta version of dataset search engine, indexing public data primarily from governments and universities. (The Vergesearch here)