Verified List of Alternative Data Providers

The hardest part about alternative data can very well be identifying all of the different data sources across hundreds of providers. The number of providers has skyrocketed in recent years, making it more complicated to evaluate the entire data universe.

Number of Alternative Data Providers

After thousands of conversations with investors, experts, and data providers, we have compiled the stack of the top 100 alternative data providers in the institutional investment space.


Alternative Data Stack

The stack focuses on providers used by fundamental investors. It excludes market data, economic/macro data, and market news/industry publications. Each provider’s position is intended to the firm’s product positioning relative to institutional investors. Data providers in the clusters towards the top are focused on data analysis and extracting insights from alternative data. Clusters that are positioned toward the bottom are more focused on data collection and quality assurance. and tend to not be directly consumed by fundamental analysts and PMs, but rather go through data brokers, the sell-side, or internal data teams for analysis.

We’ve published a public database of alternative data providers, which includes these and many other providers. Click on the provider name to be taken to their website. We will regularly update information as it becomes available. If you would like to be added to our database, or you would like to speak with us, email pablo@alternativedata.org.

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Primary Data Product Provider Name (click to see website) Overview
Credit / Debit Card 1010Data Specializes in aggregating credit card data from third-party providers. Data sources include a Yodlee panel. Founded in 2000; 248 employees (including other business lines).
Data Broker 7Park Alternative data aggregator and analytics company, integrates several third-party data sources with some in-house. Specializes in Credit / Debit Card data. Founded in 2008; 41 employees.
Social / Sentiment Accern Breaking news platform on equity securities. Founded in 2013; 31 employees.
Weather Aclima Provides a variety of weather data. Founded in 2010; 53 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface Adaptive Management Aggregates various data sources and provides infrastructure to centralize data and synthesize insights. Founded in 2015; 4 employees.
Web Traffic AddThis Web traffic data, doesn't target institutional investors as a sales channel. Founded in 2004; 61 employees.
Geo-location Advan Mobile phone traffic data. 1,600 tickers covered across several sectors. US and EU focused. Founded in 2015; 20 employees.
Credit / Debit Card Affinity Solutions Utilizes credit card transaction data and retailer CRM data. Data and insights are targeted towards marketers Founded in 2002; 170 employees.
Web Traffic Alexa Owned by Amazon, Alexa provides web-traffic statistics and trends.
Social / Sentiment Alexandria Sentiment analysis and visualization tools based on various public news sources (traditional news and blogs) and social media. Founded in 2007; 5 employees.
Social / Sentiment Alphamatician Sentiment analysis based on various public news sources (traditional news and blogs) and social media. Founded in 2012; 1 employee.
Data Broker Amass Insights Alternative data aggregator and analytics company that specializes in Web Data. Founded in 2015; 5 employees.
App Usage AppAnnie Mobile app usage data and trends. Founded in 2010; 659 employees.
Credit / Debit Card ARM Insight Credit card transaction data and analytics. Founded in 2010; 20 employees.
Consultant Aviso Alternative data aggregator that leverages in-house analytics platform. Founded in 2015; 14 employees.
Other Black Box (TDn2k) Restaurant industry focused data provider. Provides benchmark metrics of sales, traffic, PPA, sales per labor hour, day-part metrics, etc.. Part of a JV with Consumer Edge Research. Founded in 1995; 27 employees.
Satellite Black Sky Global intelligence platform powered by satellite data. Founded in 2013; 31 employees.
Credit / Debit Card Cardlytics Credit card transaction data primarily targeted to marketers. Has raised $178mm in VC funding. Founded in 2008; 345 employees.
Other Comlinkdata Telecommunications market data and insights. Founded in 2010; 36 employees.
Web Traffic Comscore Provides data and insights on web and mobile app traffic trends. Founded in 1999; 1,569 employees (including other business lines).
Geo-location Cuebiq Provides geo-behavioral insights and offline location analytics, audiences for cross-platform ad targeting, and offline attribution analysis. Founded in 2016; 50 employees.
Social / Sentiment Dataminr Social sentiment and news analysis based on Twitter data. Has exclusive partnership with Twitter and has raised $183mm in funding. Founded in 2009; 272 employees.
Social / Sentiment DataSift Insights and data collected from social feeds. Founded in 2010; 71 employees.
Satellite Descartes Labs Geospatial image processing - receive satellite imaging from public and commercial partners. Founded in 2014; 43 employees.
Satellite Digital Globe Satellite data with broad sector applications. Founded in 1992; 1140 employees.
Public Data DISCERN Proprietary platform that accelerates the discovery and visualization of internal and external datasets. Using machine learning and cognitive analytics, their technology automates workflow within customers existing tools and data analysis process. Also aggregating various public and 3rd party datasets that compliment discovery experience. Founded in 2016; 22 employees.
Consultant EagleAlpha Alternative data aggregator, consultant and education services to buy-side clients. Founded in 2012; 30 employees.
Credit / Debit Card Earnest Credit card transaction data and insights. Data sources include a Yodlee panel. Has raised $3.5mm in funding. Founded in 2012; 47 employees.
Social / Sentiment Estimize Consensus estimates on public companies provided by both buy-side and sell-side analysts. Founded in 2011; 24 employees.
Sell Side UBS Evidence Lab Data team arm within UBS Equity Research. Founded in 2014.
Geo-location Factual Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2008; 153 employees.
Credit / Debit Card First Data SpendTrend Credit card transaction data and custom analysis. Part of First Data Corporation (NYSE: FDC); 15k employees.
Geo-location Foursquare Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2009; 421 employees.
Other Genscape Utilizes a combination of in-field monitors and satellite imaging to provide data on commodity and energy markets. Founded in 1999; 320 employees.
Geo-location GroundTruth (xAd) Global geo-location data. Founded in 2009; 254 employees.
Data Broker Guidepoint Acquired Quanton Data in 2016, which provides data-driven insights from a variety of third-party datasets. Founded in 2003; 893 employees.
Social / Sentiment Heckyl News analytics and search technologies. Founded in 2010; 76 employees.
Social / Sentiment iSentium Insights and data collected from social feeds. Founded in 2008; 15 employees.
Web Traffic Jumpshot Granular web traffic data source with a consumer panel of over 100 million. Founded in 2015; 97 employees.
Social / Sentiment Knowsis Investment insights and signals based on analysis of social feeds. Founded in 2012; 1 employee.
Social / Sentiment Lexalytics Text analytics platform that can be used for sentiment analysis. Founded in 2003; 42 employees.
Credit / Debit Card M Science f.k.a. Majestic Research, ITG Investment Research. Aggregates third party data sets including web data and credit /debit card transaction data. Provides clean data and research. Founded in 2002; 59 employees.
Other MarineTraffic Global marine vessel tracking. Founded in 2007; 49 employees.
Social / Sentiment MarketPsych Sentiment analysis based on various public news sources (traditional news and blogs) and social media. Founded in 2010; 6 employees.
Credit / Debit Card MasterCard Advisors Credit card transaction data. Founded in 1997.
Consultant Neudata Consulting and data brokerage services for buy side clients. Founded in 2016; 10 employees.
Other NPD Point-of-sale (POS) and consumer survey data. Founded in 1966; 1,645 employees.
Satellite Orbital Insights Satellite data with broad sector applications. Founded in 2013; 78 employees.
Web Data Pacific Epoch (China) China focused web data company that provides cleaned data and research. Also integrates other public data sources. Founded in 2006; 49 employees.
Geo-location Placed Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2011; 133 employees.
Geo-location PlaceIQ Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2010; 115 employees.
Other Placemeter Physical traffic monitoring (e.g. cars, people, etc.) through analysis of video streams. Founded in 2012; 7 employees.
Social / Sentiment Pluribus Labs Sentiment analysis based on various public news sources and social media. Founded in 2015; 8 employees.
Social / Sentiment Prattle Sentiment analysis based on various public news sources and social media. Founded in 2014; 23 employees.
Other Premise Leverages a large network of public video and contributor media to index and analyze physical observations. Founded in 2012; 127 employees.
Web Data Quad Analytix Uses some proprietary collection methodologies to gather data points across websites, emails, and social media. Founded in 2012; 103 employees.
Data Broker Quandl Aggregates a variety of public financial and economic data in-house. Also aggregates a number of third-party alternative data sources. Founded in 2011; 42 employees.
Data Broker Quantcube Machine learning platform applied to various dataset applications including satellite imagery and social analysis. Founded in 2013; 15 employees.
Social / Sentiment RavenPack Analysis of public news and social data organized by theme or ticker. Founded in 2003; 53 employees.
Email/Consumer Receipts ReceiptHog and ReceiptPal Collects self-reported receipt data. Founded in 2011; 114 employees.
Email/Consumer Receipts ReturnPath Email marketing company that provides item-level e-commerce transaction data. Founded in 1999; 488 employees (including other business lines).
Satellite Rezatec Satellite data with broad sector applications. Founded in 2012; 24 employees.
Other Rigup Oil field services marketplace. Founded in 2014; 61 employees.
Satellite RS Metrics Satellite data focused on metals and commodities, real estate and industrial sector applications. Founded in 2008; 25 employees.
Credit / Debit Card Sandalwood Credit card transaction data with focus on Chinese consumers / transactions. Founded in 2016; 12 employees.
Satellite Satellite Imaging Corporation Satellite data focused primarily on natural resources (e.g. oil & gas and mining). Founded in 1990; 3 employees.
Web Data Savvr Provides large-scale web data collection services for institutional investors and data brokers. Founded in 2011; 3 employees.
Credit / Debit Card Second Measure Provides credit card transaction data and insights. Founded in 2015; 17 employees.
Social / Sentiment Selerity A.I. powered contextual search of social feeds and public news sources targeted towards for enterprise applications. Work with Estimize and Genscape. Founded in 2009; 33 employees.
Geo-location Sense360 Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Offers ability to survey consumer panelists. Has a panel of 2 million consumers and provides app usage data. Founded in 2014; 18 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface Sentieo Research, news, and data platform with UI for research management, document search, and data visualization. Founded in 2012; 111 employees.
Social / Sentiment Sentifi Investment insights and signals based on analysis of social feeds. Founded in 2012; 98 employees.
Web Traffic SimilarWeb Provides web traffic and search trends/statistics. One of the fastest growing Israeli tech companies and have raised $112 million in funding at a valuation of $800 million. Founded in 2007; 397 employees (including other business lines).
Satellite Sky Watch Satellite data with broad sector applications. Founded in 2014; 13 employees.
Email/Consumer Receipts Slice Intelligence Email receipt data and insights on purchase behavior. Primary source of data is from Unroll.me subscribers, which was acquired by Slice in 2014. Founded in 2013 and acquired by Rakuten in 2014; 33 employees.
Social / Sentiment Social Alpha Investment insights and signals based on analysis of social feeds. Founded in 2014; 2 employees.
Satellite Space Know Satellite data with broad sector applications. Founded in 2014; 36 employees.
Satellite Spire Satellite data with broad sector applications, also provide weather data based on its satellite imaging. Founded in 2012; 116 employees.
Other STR Global data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights for the hotel industry. Data is self-reported from industry participants and represents over 5.3 million rooms globally. Founded in 1985; 47 employees (including other business lines).
Email/Consumer Receipts Superfly Insights Detailed consumer purchasing habits from live transactional data (in-app, online and in-store). Founded in 2013; 8 employees.
Consultant System2 Consulting and data brokerage services for buy side clients. Founded in 2016; 2 employees.
App Usage TalkingData Coverage of more than 600 million smart devices on a monthly basis, Data products include mobile app & gaming analytics, mobile ad tracking, enterprise Smart Marketing Cloud, and consulting. Founded in 2011; 86 employees.
Satellite TellusLabs Satellite data focused primarily on agricultural data. Founded in 2016; 18 employees.
Web Data TH Capital (China) China focused web data firm. Founded in 2011 by a former Bernstein analyst.
Weather The Climate Corporation Hyper-local weather monitoring and agronomic modeling. Data targeted towards agricultural / farming applications. Founded in 2006; 583 employees (including other business lines).
Social / Sentiment TheySay Utilize AI platform to analyze sentiment and emotional mood across the web. Founded in 2010; 4 employees.
Web Data Thinknum Indexes and aggregates web data onto a single platform. ~$1mm in funding raised, backed by 500 Startups. Founded in 2013; 12 employees.
Consultant Tomahawk Consulting and data brokerage services for buy side clients. Specializes in web data. Founded in 2014; 4 employees.
Public Data Triton Research M&A and IPO focused intelligence platform helping investors understand the companies that are inventing the future. Founded in 2012; 4 employees.
Credit / Debit Card TXN Credit and debit card transaction data based on their research panel. Also utilize some third-party datasets. Founded in 2014; 6 employees.
Weather Understory Granular real-time weather data. Collection stations are owned in-house. Founded in 2012; 17 employees.
Satellite Ursa Satellite data focused on global oil storage metrics. Founded in 2015; 16 employees.
Web Data Vertical Knowledge Provide consulting service to the buy side focused primarily on web data and public data sources. Founded in 2007; 42 employees.
Other Vessel Finder Tracks marine vessels real-time globally. Founded in 2011; 3 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface VisibleAlpha Provides comparable forecast models, allowing buy side analysts to understand forecast assumptions across the sell-side. Founded in 2012; 200 employees.
Other Windward Tracks marine vessels real-time globally. Founded in 2010; 64 employees.
Weather WXshift Accurate weather data and climate change trends. Founded in 2008; 45 employees;
Web Data YipitData Web data focused company with coverage across 6 sectors including: Airlines (JBLU, UAL), Autos (KMX, CPRT), China (BABA, JD), Internet (EBAY, GRUB), LTL Shipping (FDX, UPS), and Travel (EXPE, PCLN). Collects in-house and provides cleaned datasets and research. Founded in 2010; 80 employees.
Credit / Debit Card Yodlee / Envestnet Owns a large proprietary panel of credit card transaction data and licenses that data to third parties including alternative data brokers. Founded in 1999; 615 employees (including other business lines).
Sell Side GS Dataworks Data team arm within GS Global Investment Research. Founded in 2016.
Sell Side MS AlphaWise Data team arm within MS Equity Research. Founded in 2008.
Infrastructure / Interface Domino Data Lab Cross-industry data science platform with broad data applications. Centralized environment that combines data science and quantitative research teams. Backed by Coatue, they have raised over $40.5mm. Founded in 2013; 67 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface Crux Informatics Provides a variety of data focused services including a cloud platform, data engineering, and a data marketplace. Founded in 2017.
Public Data Enigma Software platform that ingests & hosts data to automate tagging, cleansing, and backtesting. Includes a marketplace service, similar to Quandl. Founded in 2017; 90 employees.
Social / Sentiment TickerTags Sentiment and news analysis based on social media data. Founded in 2013; 10 employees.
Geo-location Thasos Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2011; 21 employees.
Geo-location Buddy Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2011; 21 employees.
Sell Side Hillside Partners Sell side firm with specialization in web scraping. In addition to custom projects, they scrape US movie theater websites to produce box office estimates. Their coverage includes LGF, DIS, TWX, IMAX, CNK, AMC, CKEC. Founded in 2011; 2 employees.
Consultant Alternative Data Group Provides advisory services and integration analytics via API to integrate alternative data into the investment decision process. Funds and data vendors use their technology, analytics, and processes to create custom investment products. Founded in 2017; 7 exmployees.
Other ARC Large database of air travel ticketing data that provides insights into aviation, travel marketing, and hotel industries. Industry benchmark for airline pricing data. Founded in 1984; 4,000+ employees (including other business lines)
Data Broker DataYes Chinese investment research platform with a large open "data mall" for fundamental and quantitative investment research. Founded in 2013; 74 employees.
Web Traffic FastBooking Provides traffic, behavior and performance statistics on the travel industry. Fastbooking is a GDS and direct connectivity provider for hotels. Founded in 2000; 280 employees
Web Traffic iResearch Chinese research firm specialized in tracking online and mobile user behavior as well as website, app, and software performance. Founded in 2002; 400+ employees.
Other Manheim Publishes annual Used Car Market Report, which provides a deep dive into the state of the auto industry. Also provides various other indices and datasets throughout the year. Manheim was established as an auction vehicle wholesaler and is world’s leading provider of vehicle remarketing services. Founded in 1945; 5,000+ employees (including other business lines)
Public Data Nowcast Uses transaction data to predict sales for Japanese consumer stocks. Founded in 2015; 9 employees.
Satellite Tailwind Imaging Tailwind collects high resolution, high revisit aerial imagery at low cost. Using aircraft (instead of satellites) enables them to achieve high resolution, low cost, and fly under clouds. Founded in 2016; 3 employees.
Geo-location Reveal Mobile Aggregates various 3rd party geolocation panels (primarily from apps) and provides analytics. Founded in 2015; 7 employees.
Social / Sentiment Skopos Labs Uses machine learning to predict federal/state legislation outcomes. Founded 2016; 3 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface Datavore Data analytics platform that enables integration and visualization of multiple alternative datasets. Founded in 2014; 7 employees.
Web Data PROME Customized web scarping services. Founded in 2011; 5 employees.
Social / Sentiment Epsilon Large panel of global consumer data and insights derived from proprietary marketing tools. Founded in 1969; 6,418 employees (including other bsuiness lines).
Other Seer Aerospace Provides aircraft usage patterns, and cost and reliability datasets. Founded in 2016; 2 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface Dataiku Collaborative data science platform. Founded in 2013; 98 employees.
Other Wall Street Horizon Provides forward-looking and historical corporate event datasets, including earnings dates, dividend dates, options expiration dates, splits, spinoffs and various investor-related conferences.
Other JWN Energy Oil and gas data repository, primarily for Canada but also provides US & Int'l. Offering includes well economic and corporate buyout predictions. Founded in 1937; 118 employees (including other business lines).
Satellite Geospatial Insight Provides time series satellite data and insights. Also provides terrain models, 3D city models and other geological data. Founded in 2012; 12 employees.
Social / Sentiment ExtractAlpha Develop various social, web, and market data sources to provide quant models and alternative datasets. More quant focused with fundamental applications. Founded in 2013; 5 employees.
Other RVIA Recreational vehicle data and trends, including industry forecasts, ownership trends, and pricing. Founded in 1978; 68 employees.
Social / Sentiment Inferess Converts news feed into event-driven analytics. Founded in 2013; 8 employees.
App Usage Sensor Tower App usage and ad performance. Founded in 2012; 37 employees.
App Usage QuestMobile Chinese app data aggregator with more than 700 million mobile devices. Founded in 2014; 12 employees.
Consultant Selbourne Research Data, insights, and advisory into the payments and digital financial services industry. Founded in 2016; 4 employees.
Social / Sentiment Prosper Insights & Analytics Proprietary dataset of US and China consumer survey data. US - 15 years of data, tracks 7,500 monthly respondents for 1,290 brands/296 tickers. China - 8 years of data, tracks 5,000 respondents across 285 brands/126 tickers. Has exclusive distribution through Consumer Edge Research. Founded in 1991; 6 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface Predata Provides an analytics platform and volatility indices, which include country political risk, enable global macro investors to incorporate alternative data from social and collaborative media into their portfolio strategies. Founded in 2015; 22 employees.
Other Benzinga Capital markets and fin-tech news platform that hosts a variety of industry events, often featuring alternative data topics. Founded in 2010; 69 employees.
Other Geotab Provides fleet GPS tracking and fleet management data. Founded 1998; 243 employees.
Social / Sentiment IndexMath Index for predicting UK stock market trends. Founded 2016; 1 employee.
Other Statistical Survey Various data and statistics on recreational vehicles. Founded 1958; 17 employees.
Satellite Granular.ai Satellite data on industrial sectors and emerging economies. Founded 2016; 4 employees.
Other TransCore Provides various transportation industry metrics from proprietary infrasturcutre and traffice management systems. Data package quoted at ~$1500/month. Founded in 1934; 800 employees (including other business lines).
Other One Click Retail E-commerce data analytics firm. Provides sales figures for items sold on the 30 largest retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, Staples and Home Depot. Founded in 2013; 48 employees.
Other WDZJ.com Provides daily data on various Chinese P2P companies, including Yirendai (YRD), PPDF, Rapid Finance. Founded in 2016; 2 employees.
Social / Sentiment Scoop Analytics Retail sentiment data from Twitter news and events. Founded in 2015; 2 employees.
Other DataTrek Capital markets newsletter with a focus on data by a former SAC PM/analyst. Paid subscription required. Founded in 2017; 2 employees.
Other BrandLoyalties Brand loyalty indices on 2.3K brands based on consumer citations form various public sources. Founded in 2012; 2 employees.
Social / Sentiment Acuris Provides a trade ideas network, regulatory and policy developments tracker, and event-driven news feed on capital markets transactions. Founded in 2000; 268 employees (including other business lines).
Infrastructure / Interface Hedge Fund Architect (HFA) Provides various related data services, including consolidation, data optimization, and other infrastructure solutions. Founded in 2010; 3 employees.
Sell Side Stax Data-driven consulting firm, focused on institutional investors. Founded in 1994; 225 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface Street Diligence Capital structure analytics and distressed acquisition tools, primarily for credit investors. Founded in 2012; 21 employees.
Other AlphaFlow Public real estate investment platform. Point72 led $4.1mm seed round in Sep. 2017. Founded in 2015; 9 employees.
Sell Side Wolfe Research.ai Sell side research company focused on integration of alternative datasets. Founded in 2008; 111 employees.
Other EEDAR Data and analytics on the gaming industry. Has over 170mm data points on over 127K video game products. Founded in 2006; 35 employees.
Web data Re-analytics Web data analytics on fashion, retail, consumer, and travel companies. Founded in 2015; 5 employees.
Other Pitchbook Database of private company and VC information. Founded in 2007; 423 employees.
Other Innovata Airline flights and cargo schedule information. Founded in 2014; 35 employees.
Consultant Above Data Data consulting/sourcing services started by ex-JPM AM analyst. Founded in 2016; 3 employees.
Satellite Urthecast Satellite imagery and video provider. Founded in 2010; 122 employees.
Satellite Mavrx Satellite, aerial, and infrared data for agriculture. Founded in 2013; 27 employees.
Satellite Geocento Provides analytical services on satellite and aerial imagery. Founded in 2011; 11 employees.
Satellite Earthcube Satellite data focused on defense and infrastructure. Founded in 2011; 3 employees.
Consultant J Capital Research Uses survey data for research and investment ideas on commodities, equities, and property; primarily China-focused. Founded in 2007; 8 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface Kinetica GPU-accelerated (really fast) analytics database. Founded in 2009; 81 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface B23 Data ingestion and visualization platform. Founded in 2014; 10 employees.
Data Broker Dawex Open alternative data marketplace for companies looking to monetize their data. Founded in 2015; 22 employees.
Social / Sentiment OTAS Visualizes social media data to provide stock sentiment. Founded in 2011; 22 employees.
Social / Sentiment RunningAlpha Generates trade ideas from financial sentiment data. Founded in 2015; 1 employee.
Other Eurekahedge Database focused on indices and news on hedge funds. Founded in 2001; 84 employees.
Other CompStak Collects granular information on property listings from brokers and developers. Some of the datapoints they collect (e.g. landlord concessions) are not publically available elsewhere. Moody's invested in them. Founded in 2011; 49 employees.
Web Data Zaoshu.io Coding-free web scraping platform focused on Chinese companies. Tracks JD and AMZN. Founded in 2017; 3 employees.
Geo-location RandomWalk Consumer foot traffic (geolocation) and email receipt data on 15K stores, including BBBY, COH, JCP, HD, FL, KORS, SHOP, and TGT. Founded in 2011; 3 employees.
App Usage BayStreet Research Research on U.S. and European smartphone, tablet, and wearable markets. Has a database of mobile device sell-through data with rolling 6-month forecasts, and retail & wholesale pricing at the SKU level. Founded in 2003; 6 employees.
Data Broker Narrative.io Data marketplace with 50 data providers primarily location data (13), ID mapping (13), and web traffic (10). Founded in 2016; 7 employees.
Consultant Arcadia Data Data analytics provider and systems consultant. Founded in 2012; 55 employees.
Data Broker Alt Hub Alternative data broker. Founded in 2017; 5 employees.
Other Solution Loft Builds customized data solutions, including web scraping. Founded in 2016; 3 employees.
Consultant Tegus Expert network that transcribes theirs calls into a searchable database. Founded in 2016; 5 employees.
Social / Sentiment Tala Collects data points on user behavior including geographic patterns and financial transactions. Founded in 2012; 158 employees.
Satellite Kayrros Satellite data estimates on oil supply, inventory, and demand. Recently hired ex-GLG exec to push buy-side initiative. Founded in 2016; 37 employees.
Social / Sentiment Signal.co Aggregates consumer identity signals and activity across different marketing channels. Founded in 2009; 179 employees.
Social / Sentiment Civic Science Consumer poll and surveys insights. Founded in 2007; 20 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface FinScience Data analytics platform. Milan-based team closed €1mm seed round. Founded in 2017; 10 employees.
Infrastructure / Interface SmartKarma Research aggregator for the buy-side, raised $13.5mm Series B led by Sequoia India. Model capitalizes on MiFID II rules. Founded in 2014; 45 employees.
App Usage Jiguang App usage provider on over 800mm Chinese Android devices. Founded 2011; 33 employees.
Other IPQwery Collects patent and IP data from multiple public records offices. Founded in 2016; 4 employees.
Other Broughton Capital Has seven transportation data sets (trucking, rail, and airfreight) sourced from personal relationships. Several unique trucking datasets including company failures, load volumes, and tonnage. Founded in 2002; 4 employees.
Other FNGO Provides Korean export data that is predictive of company revenue and inventory. Data sourced from partnership with Korea Customs Service. High correlation with product revenue for Samsung and Hyundai, among others. Founded in 2016; 5 employees.
Social / Sentiment Brain Company Sentiment data provider with insights on the ticker level. Using natural language processing of public media sources. Founded in 2016; 5 employees.
Satellite ThinkTopic Analytics platform for satellite imagery. Using computer vision technology to extract information from images from a variety of sectors. Is not a satellite data provider itself. Founded in 2014; 16 employees.
Other TruValue Labs Provides environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics as an indicator of company performance. Has shown a correlation between ESG metrics and successful equity selection. Founded in 2013; 31 empoyees.
Other Audit Analytics Provides audit, regulatory, and disclosure intelligence and data. They specialize in normalizing non-quantitative aspects of financial reporting that have a demonstrated impact on company performance. Founded in 2003; 70 employees.
Other Finweavers Platform with access to tradiational investment research, alternative data, and portfolio data. Also provides a data marketplace with various visualization tools. Founded in 2016; 9 employees
Consultant Omytis Performs bespoke information acquisition projects for investors utilizing a wide network of human intelligence curated for each project. Specializes in emerging market value assessments directly from on-the-ground specialists. Founded 2017; 2 employees.
Other Airports Council International Monthly summary data of passenger, cargo and plane traffic by top airports and regions. Data is collected from participating airports (over 800). Founded in 1991; 105 employees.
Geo-location AirSage Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2000; 34 employees.
Other American Trucking Association Monthly truck tonnage index based on surveys from its industry members. The ATA has been providing this report since the 1970s.
Other Boxoffice Media Provides daily boxoffice gross receipts. Founded in 1920; 15 employees
Other BuildFax Database of building and permitting information from cities throughout the U.S. - data is used primarily by insurance, property and lending companies. Founded in 2008; 34 employees.
Satellite Capella Space Satellite data with broad sector applications. Founded in 2016; 19 employees.
Other ClipperData Data and analysis on global crude and refined product movements. ClipperData aggregates information from Datamyne for US import and exports, and with Inchcape Shipping Services for vessel line-ups. Founded in 2013; 31 employees.
Data Broker DataStreamx Marketplace platform for buyers and sellers of commercial data. Data purchased is delivered through API in raw form - no research or insights.
Other Edmunds Provides sales, market share and manufacturing data for the U.S. autos industry.
Web Data Flexport Web-based freight logistics company with import/export data by commodity. Raised over $94 million in venture funding. Founded in 2013.
Web Data Google Trends Provides search data and trends based on keyword or topic. Also provides data visualization and correlation tools. Founded in 1998.
Geo-location Mobiquity Networks Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 1998; 14 employees.
Satellite Planet Labs Satellite data with broad sector applications. Founded in 2016; 31 employees.
Social / Sentiment Social Market Analytics Data and insights from Twitter feeds. SMA targets product specifically toward institutional investors and have partnerships with Fidelity, CBOE, and IHS Markit. Founded in 2012; 12 employees.
Geo-location StreetLight Data Geo-location data from mobile devices which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Have an in-house analytics and visualization platform.
Other Wards Automotive Group Data and insights for the global autos industry. Provides sales, inventory, production estimates and forecasts. Founded in 1924; 26 employees.
Other Jefferies Data team within Jefferies responsible for understanding alternative data landscape.
Other Bank of America Data team within Bank of America responsible for understanding alternative data landscape.
Social / Sentiment Meltwater Provides media intelligence, including insights into how companies invest, how they hire, how they spend their ad budget, and how their products are received in the market. Has made 6 AI acquisitions in the last few years, making it an industry leader in data science and machine learning technology. Founded in 2001; 1,600 employees (including other business lines).
Infrastructure / Interface FaunaDB Enterpise database warehouse company. Raised $25M in series A led by Point 72. Founded in 2012; 20 employees.
App Usage TrustData Chinese mobile app usage data provider with over 150mm MAUs. Founded in 2009; 21 employees.
Geo-location Unacast Geo-location data provider with ~11mm MAUs in the US, sourced from GPS, WiFi and beacon data. Founded in 2014; 42 employees.
Other RedTech Survey data on Chinese companies, including BABA, BIDU, Tencent, JD, CTRP, WB, EDU, TAL, VIPS, Ant Financial, Meituan, Didi, and Toutiao. Founded in 2009; 11 employees.
Social / Sentiment StockTwits Tracks social/sentiment data from multiple primary sources to generate signals on various equities. Founded in 2008; 31 employees.
Consultant Dataffirm London based data consultant. Founded in 2015; 8 employees.
Satellite Slingshot Aerospace Data provider with satellite, aerial, and drone capabilities. Founded in 2016; 16 employees.
Other Dun & Bradstreet (PAYDEX) Tracks company health with dollar-weighted score for how promptly a business pays its bills. Founded in 1933; 4311 employees.
Geo-location Gyana UK geolocation data provider.UK geolocation data provider. Founded in 2015; 15 employees.
Other h2o Machine learning platform allowing insights without data science expertise. Founded in 2012; 87 employees.
Other Endor Predictive engine generating results from questions asked in plain language; has applications in consumer research. Founded in 2014; 17 employees.
Social / Sentiment Bitvore Identifies ticker-level price inflections from analyzing the news. Founded in 2014; 23 employees.
Credit / Debit Card Consumer Edge Insights  Credit card transaction panel of over 15mm users from hundreds of US banks. Also has merchant scanner data, Amazon basket tracking with 100k opt-in panel, and survey data. Founded in 2009; 28 employees.
Other Standard Media Index  Ad spend data sourced directly from booking and invoice systems of media holding partners. Data is aggregated monthly. Founded in 2009; 35 employees.
Credit / Debit Card Epsilon  Marketing company with ~130mm US users’ credit card transaction data. Founded in 1969; 6831 employees.
Other Rystad Energy  Tracks 1,000 companies in the oil and gas industry, providing metrics on exploration, production, oilfield servicing, and North American shale. Founded in 2004; 151 employees.
Other BizQualify  Tracks company employee benefit plans using IRS and Department of Labor filings. Founded in 2015; 5 employees.
Other TMT Analysis  Mobile device data provider with metrics tracking unique ad-cookie IDs, IMEI data, and number portability. Founded in 2016; 7 employees.
Other EPFR  Daily fund flows data, showing the fund origin and destination of moving assets. Founded in 1995; 24 employees.
Satellite FeatureX  Satellite analytics provider. API allows for natural language querying. Founded in 2015; 11 employees.
Other Drawbridge  Data on cross-device consumer attribution. Founded in 2010; 175 employees.
Email/Consumer Receipts Edison  Real-time data on user purchases and product demand, sourced directly from Edison’s mail app. Covers 11,000 brands. Acquired Return Path’s Consumer Insights business. Founded in 2011; 46 employees.
Other Dodge  Construction data provider with information on projects and bidding. Founded in 2006; 573 employees.
Other Linkup  Global job listing provider with 150mm jobs tracked since 2007. Provides both raw data and insights. Founded in 1996; 45 employees.
Other Sequentum  Web scraping software and solutions. Founded in 2014; 4 employees.
Other GovSpend  Data on government spending, filterable by products, companies, or people. Founded in 2011; 86 employees.
Other aWhere  Agriculture data provider with global coverage of key predictors including weather, pest, and disease risk. Founded in 1999; 22 employees.
Public Data Vigilant  Public records data provider with real-time alerts across courts, lobbying records, business filings, and campaign financing, among others. Founded in 2015; 4 employees.
Social / Sentiment Amenity Analytics  Text analytics platform for analyzing unstructured data. Customizes reports for earning call transcripts, regulatory filings, broker research, news, and more. Founded in 2015; 28 employees.
Social / Sentiment ListenFirst  Tracks social data across organic & paid channels to create a full picture of a company’s social presence. Founded in 2012; 54 employees.
Social / Sentiment Sharablee  Aggregates all social pages to assess social presence for brands and companies. Founded in 2013; 48 employees.
Social / Sentiment MKT Mediastat  Unique signals from company media coverage, including measurements of unexpected news coverage, rate of agreement across media sources, and linkages between companies. Founded in 2014; 10 employees.
Public Data QL2  Public data on travel, retail, and automotive companies. Cover ~150 public and ~150 private companies. Founded in 2003; 244 employees.
Other Sustainalytics  Environment, social, and governance (ESG) score data provider. Provides the ESG scores shown on Yahoo Finance. Founded in 1992; 320 employees.
Other Owl Analytics  Data on environment, social, and governance (ESG) metrics. Mission is for investors to be able to maintain strategy but point their capital toward companies that have positive social and environmental impact. Founded in 2010; 8 employees.
Other ISS Analytics  Data on governance metrics as an indicator of company performance. Founded in 1985; 888 employees.
Consultant Connotate Web scraping, data collection, and monitoring services. Founded in 2000; 45 employees.
Consultant Mozenda Web scraping software that integrates with databases and BI toolkits. Founded in 2007; 36 employees.
Social / Sentiment Business Intelligence Advisors Founded by CIA employees, analyze earnings calls and other management commentary. Founded in 2001; 31 employees.
Consultant DAR Partners Sales consultants for alternative data providers. Founded in 2007; 15 employees.
Social / Sentiment Infotrie News analytics and sentiment data provider with data on 50k stocks, topics, people, and commodities. Founded in 2012; 10 employees.
Other RootMetrics Mobile network performance data; subsidiary of IHS Markit. Founded in 2008; 69 employees.
Other OpenSignal Crowdsourced mobile network performance data. Founded in 2010; 45 employees.
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