Data on company capital expenditures over $30mm or 60 jobs created worldwide, available in near real time.

Del Mar Networks

Customer web traffic data revealing trends at scales ranging from hourly to quarterly and driving strategies based on earning beats and misses, long-only and distressed debt, and more. Data is collected globally and can be used to quantify macro as well as regional movements. Principal innovations are measurement technique and global collection infrastructure which can be applied to nearly any website or platform, regardless of industry.


Web data covering retail, restaurants, and convenience stores.


Sentiment and topic data for social media posts in any language.

UBS Evidence Lab

Our experts, working globally across 45 specialized areas, know the pitfalls and opportunities involved in harvesting, cleansing, enriching, and connecting data from various sources. UBS Evidence Lab’s insight-ready datasets are…


Data broker that obtains data by working directly with startups, retailers and satellite data providers in Europe.


High accuracy geolocation and store visit data with 2 year history and consistent consumer panel.


EntSight provides unique datasets from highly specific audience groups who are active online and on social media and who generate data that is economically predictive.


SimilarWeb provides daily refreshed web, app, search data on any company, globally

IFI CLAIMS Patent Services

IFI CLAIMS produces a global patent database including 90+ countries, aggregated from 70+ sources. We calculate expiration dates and show which patent assets are still active.