Daily Point of Sale data (POS) for global CPG companies. Granular UPC scan level data for 50,000+ products and growing. Historically accurate mapping back till 2007.


Sentiment and topic data for social media posts in any language.

Arch Metrics

Inventory, geo-location, and survey data collected via contracted individuals who visit retail locations and upload geo-tagged photographs on customer foot traffic, shelve stocking, etc.


Data broker that obtains data by working directly with startups, retailers and satellite data providers in Europe.


About live streaming, we can provide: DAU, number of paying users, ARPU; About music & audio, we can provide: paid subscription, number of digital album sales, virtual gift income


High accuracy geolocation and store visit data with 2 year history and consistent consumer panel.


POS data in Japan, covering 3,000,000 products across 4,000 companies. Data is provided daily only 2 days after actual purchase.


EntSight provides unique datasets from highly specific audience groups who are active online and on social media and who generate data that is economically predictive.


Mobile phone location data dating back to 2015 transformed into information that can be easily consumed and acted upon by investors and business managers.


SimilarWeb provides daily refreshed web, app, search data on any company, globally