Eilers & Krejcik Gaming

Survey data and consulting services covering the casino gaming industry. Founded in 2012; 7 employees.


Mobile app usage, geo-location data, make/model/carrier information, and purchase history by demographic. Over 1bn devices in dataset. Founded in 2015; 11 employees.

T.H. Capital

China focused web data firm. Founded in 2011 by a former Bernstein analyst; 12 employees.


Mobile app usage data and trends. Founded in 2010; 659 employees.


Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2011; 21 employees.

Sensor Tower

App usage and ad performance. Founded in 2012; 37 employees.

Second Measure

Provides credit card transaction data and insights. Has raised $5.4M to date (Y Combinator, Jefferies). Founded in 2015; 35 employees (mostly engineers and data scientists; 40% PhDs).

Prosper Insights & Analytics

Proprietary dataset of US and China consumer survey data. US – 15 years of data, tracks 7,500 monthly respondents for 1,290 brands/296 tickers. China – 8 years of data, tracks 5,000 respondents across 285 brands/126 tickers. Has exclusive distribution through Consumer Edge Research. Founded in 1991; 6 employees.


Collects corporate IP data (patent and trademark) from multiple public records offices across USA, Canada, and Europe. Founded in 2016; 5 employees.

Consumer Edge

Credit card transaction panel of over 15mm users from hundreds of US banks. Also has merchant scanner data, Amazon basket tracking with 100k opt-in panel, and survey data. Founded in 2009; 28 employees.