Data on 200k verified salaries tagged by company, job, degree, and more, as well as engagement survey with 80k employee panel. Founded in 2012; 3 employees.

Revelio Labs

Human Capital data within companies: Headcount, Hiring, Attrition. Can be analyzed by Roles, Skills, Seniority, Education, and more.


Real-time cinema occupancy and ticket price data Founded in 2016; 4 employees.


Text analytics platform with custom solutions as well as eight years of of ticker-mapped data across multiple languages. Founded in 2010; 13 employees.

Zhiwei Data

Chinese sentiment provider covering social media and news. Founded in 2012; 2 employees.

Verto Analytics

App data with granularity to the device, frequency, and user level. Founded in 2013; 68 employees.


Weather data and commodity bid data dating back to 2008, available in real-time and sourced from 3,500 locations. Founded in 2008; 49 employees.

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming

Survey data and consulting services covering the casino gaming industry. Founded in 2012; 7 employees.

Borrell Associates

Survey data on local digital ad spend, sourced from 7.500 small-medium sized businesses, with granularity to the county level. Founded in 2001; 16 employees.