Gfk Boutique Research

Largest source of global point-of-sale data with aggregation and research layer. Founded in 1934; 80 employees.

KASPR Datahaus

Local Internet activity and quality data in real time, worldwide, to provide insights about human behaviour and economic activity. Founded in 2018; 3 employees.


Text analytics platform with custom solutions as well as eight years of of ticker-mapped data across multiple languages. Founded in 2010; 13 employees.

Knowledge Leaps

Data on consumer POS transactions covering food, beverages, and household brands. Mapped to 250 companies with global coverage. Founded in 2014; 3 employees.


POS data in Japan, covering 3mm products across 4,000 companies. Founded in 1985; 10 employees.


Public data aggregator covering 15 sectors, focused largely on geo-location and satellite data. Founded in 2018; 3 employees.

ENGAGE Research

Data on company-level talent risk, i.e. likelihood of gaining or losing top talent based on employee background, education, events, peer activity, and industry trends. Founded in 2014; 38 employees.


Web data covering e-commerce via inventory, pricing, promotional campaigns, and consumer review tracking. Founded in 2011; 111 employees.


Dividend forecast data (dates and amounts) calculated 24 months in advance using a corporate actions database. Sell-side analysts review all forecasts.


Consumer survey data with low latency (deliver up to 300 responses in less than 60 minutes on average via network of 1mm responders). Founded in 2017; 53 employees.