• Web data by sector and geography (e.g. data on websites for hardware stores in NYC area), frequency of website changes, and overall web footprint:
  • Global telecom data aggregator with data on mobile provider usage: Grandata
  • Consumer survey data with low latency (deliver 300 responses in less than 60 minutes via network of 1mm responders): Suzy
  • Free sentiment and news data dating back to 1979; geo-referenced to create global sentiment network. Coverage of 100+ languages and daily granularity since 2013: GDELT
See public database of 341 data providers.
  • YipitData launched a dataset of sku-level sales for > 20K brands on Alibaba's Tmall, mapped to > 600 public tickers, with history to October 2015 (Request Info)
  • Ursa, a satellite data provider, raised $5.5mm. (Integrity Researchsubscription required)
  • UBS Evidence Lab extracts sentiment from earnings call dataset (367mm words over 7 year history) to predict a 3% beat for Q2 for the S&P 500. (Business Insider Primesubscription required)
  • CB Insights analyzes earnings call language (sentiment, grade-level, jargon, and vagueness) across Tesla, GM, Ford, and Daimler. The report scores Elon Musk the lowest on sentiment among the four CEOs. (Full Report)
  • M Science device activation data demonstrates increased interest in iPhone 8/8+, despite executive communication focusing on success of iPhone X. (marketwatch)
  • Analysis of Harley Davidson uses data from Sentieo, a data interface, and Thinknum, a web data provider, to suggest diminishing brand popularity, with a particularly steep decline in younger demographics. (Seeking Alphatip: Quandl)
  • MIDia Research, a music streaming data provider, quoted in article asserting that Apple Music is catching up to Spotify. One interesting data point highlighted was the number of streams of a single new album (Drake) in the first 24h, which was streamed 30% more on Apple Music despite Spotify having 3x the total users. (Financial Timessubscription required)
  • Hedge fund Verdad Capital outlines the spectrum of quantamental research, from traditional analysis and well-defined financial outcomes to more robust statistical analysis of alternative data sources. (Verdad Capital)
  • Nasdaq working with new partners to evaluate alternative datasets for inclusion in their Analytics Hub, with the potential to create new alternative data-based indexes. (Data Economy)