Towergate Informatics

Air carrier passenger load data and customer review data, compiled daily. Founded in 2011; 3 employees.


Mobile app usage, geo-location data, make/model/carrier information, and purchase history by demographic. Over 1bn devices in dataset. Founded in 2015; 11 employees.

T.H. Capital

China focused web data firm. Founded in 2011 by a former Bernstein analyst; 12 employees.


Data on quantity of intellectual property a company has across technologies with high growth expectations (e.g. blockchain, AI), as well as risk and market data. Founded in 2015; 20 employees.


Satellite data with broad sector applications, also provide weather data based on its satellite imaging. Founded in 2012; 116 employees.


Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2011; 21 employees.

BMLL Technology

Research platform for combining alternative datasets with order book data. Founded in 2014; 42 employees.

Audit Analytics

Provides audit, regulatory, and disclosure intelligence and data. They specialize in normalizing non-quantitative aspects of financial reporting that have a demonstrated impact on company performance. Founded in 2003; 70 employees.

Amenity Analytics

Text analytics platform for analyzing unstructured data. Customizes reports for earning call transcripts, regulatory filings, broker research, news, and more. Founded in 2015; 40 employees.


Mobile phone traffic data. 1,600 tickers covered across several sectors. US and EU focused. Founded in 2015; 50 employees.