ENGAGE Research

Data on company-level talent risk, i.e. likelihood of gaining or losing top talent based on employee background, education, events, peer activity, and industry trends. Founded in 2014; 38 employees.


Data tracking OTA inventory, obtained from their metasearch platform. Founded in 2013; 30 employees.


Bespoke data collected by trained local data collectors worldwide, e.g. monitoring in-store pricing, stocking and execution, consumer interviews, occupancy rates, or events. Founded in 2014; 12 employees.


Mobile app usage, geo-location data, make/model/carrier information, and purchase history by demographic. Over 1bn devices in dataset. Founded in 2015; 11 employees.

T.H. Capital

China focused web data firm. Founded in 2011 by a former Bernstein analyst; 12 employees.


Satellite data with broad sector applications, also provide weather data based on its satellite imaging. Founded in 2012; 116 employees.


Web data analytics on fashion, retail, consumer, and travel companies. Founded in 2015; 5 employees.


Geo-location data which can be used to measure consumer foot traffic. Founded in 2011; 21 employees.


Specializes in informing investors of fundamental performance and when a company under or overperforms from consensus. Consistent accuracy within 2% of company reported metrics. Coverage 60 companies including: BABA, BKNG, EBAY, EXPE, GRUB, JD, KMX, MELI, ZG. Data history 2013; 90 employees; 130+ clients.

TYR Data

Alternative data consultant covering sentiment, social media, facial recognition, and booking data. Founded in 2014; 1 employee.