The Download 24: PIMCO Invests in Alternative Data, 14 New Datasets

Providers Added to the Database

Geo-location Data on: 

  • 600k retail locations, accurate within 3ft: Uber Media
  • Retail and events such as concerts, sports, and movies: Sky Deo

Sentiment Data on:

  • Social media across 17 languages. Can be filtered by theme, asked as anormally phrased question (i.e. not coding): Repustate
  • News, social media, blogs and forums, including investment strategy suggestions based on the data: SESAMm
  • ESG topics within SEC filings: Data Simply

Other Data:

  • Pricing data for retail, financial services, travel, and healthcare services in LatAm: Quexopa
  • UK telecom network data on mobile reception quality across 100k devices (info on customer experience): Teragence
  • Public and crowd-sourced data on global subsidiaries and ownership structures of companies: OpenCorporates
  • Database of 8mm prominent individuals and their relationships (think LinkedIn for digging into relationships between owners, leadership, board members across companies): RelationshipScience
  • Public data on cross-border capital flows for macro-focused FX investors. Focused on China: Exante Data


  • Data integration and visualization platform utilized by JP Morgan: Mosaic Smart Data
  • Data integration and modeling platform utilized and invested in by PIMCO: Beacon
  • Data aggregation platform with public data on energy and industrials: Zdaly
  • Web data consultant and provider (for commonly requested retail sites): Scraping Hub

See full public database of 329 data providers.

  • YipitData initiated coverage of CarGurus (CARG). Dataset will track paying dealers & listings across all six of CARG’s current geographies, allowing investors to monitor CARG’s conversion of non-paying to paying subscriptions and the pace of their int’l expansion. (Request Info)
    • YipitData’s autos analyst to host a webinar next week – will provide an overview of the data and insights from the research, register here.
  • Advana geo-location provider, released revenue-forecasting tool. (globenewswire)
  • Quantcubea data broker, raised $5mm in Series A funding from Moody’s and venture fund Five Capital. (finextra)
  • Research professional with global experience in fundamental analysis and alternative data is interested in joining buy-side firm to build data team. Contact jobs@alternativedata.org for an introduction.
  • Order volume for Japanese online real estate platform Tateru (TYO: 1435). Contact data@alternativedata.org for more information.
  • PIMCO asserts that ability to use alternative data will be a key differentiator among asset managers, and walks the walk by investing in Beacon, an alternative data integration platform. (MarketsMedia)
  • Neuberger Berman Chief Data Scientist Michael Recce discusses thefundamental investment use case of alternative data (Invest Like The Best). He covers:
    • Why agile development is a good model for alternative data teams
    • Why data process and talent create a moat and avoid alpha decay
    • Why AUM scale and return profile of long-only asset managers positions them well to benefit from alternative data
  • Estimize CEO Leigh Drogen’s previous interviews on Invest Like The Best discuss alternative data at length as well. (Invest Like The BestInvest Like The Best)
  • Six new funds at BlackRock to incorporate alternative data signals and machine learning. (Citywire)
  • On hiring to build out your data team: “It’s a war to find unique talent. It’s almost like alternative data, it’s alternative talent – where will you find it? It can’t just be the top universities all over again. You have to go and find new ways to get talent early and in other places.” – Worldquant President Michael DeAddio. (valuewalklong video – quote from 16 min mark)
  • Alternative data being used by investor relations teams. An unusual example is Geniusthe lyric website, being scraped for company-name features in popular songs, resulting in sentiment boosts. (IR Magazine)
  • Edison, an email receipt provider, shows how retailers with successful e-commerce operations (Kohl’s, Macy’s) are outperforming the competition (Sears, JC Penney). (WSJ)

The Download 23: Dataminr Raises $221mm, 12 New Datasets

Providers Added to the Database

  • Fashionbi – Web data covering digital presence, social media performance, and financial data across 3500+ fashion and luxury brands.
  • LikeFolio – Consumer sentiment data via partnership with Twitter.
  • MASSIVE Data Heights – Web data on consumer reviews. Covers electronics & cosmetics.
  • Panvista Analytics – Trade show and conference monitoring data using nametag beacons.
  • Amareos – Sentiment provider and visualization platform.
  • CropProphet – Weather-focused US Grains yield and production forecast system.
  • ICEYE – Satellite data provider using weather-agnostic imaging technology. Raised $34mm in Series B financing. (prnewswire)
  • TYR Data – Alternative data consultant covering sentiment, social media, facial recognition, and booking data.
  • BMLL Technology – Research platform for combining alternative datasets with order book data.
  • Kyber Data Science – Alternative data team within Cowen. (trademarkiaziprecruiter)
  • Real Factors – Platform for commercial real estate investors to integrate alternative data sources. (alleywatch)
  • Realyse – Data on price per square foot, supply, and demographics on UK real estate.
  • See full public database of 315 data providers.


Job Candidate
  • Research professional with global experience in fundamental analysis and alternative data is interested in joining buy-side firm to build data team. Contact jobs@alternativedata.org for more information.
News & Insights
  • Investment banks are ramping up hiring for data skillset.
    • According to efinancialcareers, BNP Parbias, Deustche Bank, Morgan Stanley, and UBS are leading the pack, while Barclays, Credit Suisse, and Goldman Sachs are playing catch-up. (efinancialcareers)
    • Cowen appears to be building out a data science team of its own, based on trademark and job posting. (trademarkiaziprecruiter)
  • Where quantamental shines: quant tools are most useful for fundamental analysts to strategically augment the emotional side of investing and get out ahead of fundamental reporting.
    • “They have to find a mathematical model for the ‘gut feeling.’” – Jon Neitzell, Chief Data Officer of Fundamental Equities at Goldman Sachs. (Bloomberg)
    • “Fundamental acceleration [is a] novel machine learning technique to estimate future fundamentals.” – Ronnie Shah, US Head of Quantitative Strategy at Deustche Bank. (4-traders, tip: Quandl)
  • Data Disrupt brought together industry leaders to discuss alternative data. (Notes)
  • Data from Factual, a geo-location provider, provides insight into Whole Foods customers based on demographics and path to purchase. (Forbes)
  • Realyse, a real estate data provider, shows correlation between price per square foot data and real estate stock performance. (Realysetip: Quandl)

Notes From Data Disrupt 2018

From May 22-24 in New York, Data Disrupt brought together 80 speakers, approximately 30 of whom were alternative data focused. We highlight key takeaways below.

Two New Providers:

Three key themes throughout the conference:

  • Technology is no longer the main objective; data quality is.
  • Investment in alternative datasets, infrastructure, and employees is growing exponentially.
  • Data loading and integration remains a big hurdle for investment teams.

Long-onlies are no longer experimenting with alternative data, they are fully invested in it. Jon Nietzel of GSAM, Jordan Vinarub of T. Rowe, and Nelson Yu of Alliance Bernstein shared various trends on how alternative data is impacting their business.

  • More data or more technology?
    • Nelson believes it depends on each specific company’s core competency, but likely more data makes more sense. Technology will be table stakes.
    • Jon highlighted the importance of process. The ability for different groups (technologists, data scientists, and investment analysts) to communicate with each other is the most important piece to the puzzle.
    • Jordan agreed that collaboration between teams of different skill sets is the most important value-add to the whole process, but also the hardest to get right.
  • Organizational structure
    • Jon: don’t separate your data teams from the investment process. You should align your entire organization’s goals to the same objective – yield better results.
    • Nelson: investors ultimately own their decisions, they can’t hide behind the data – accountability should be shared across all participants in the process.
    • Nelson: you cannot do everything at the same time. You need to evaluate and integrate datasets over time. Scalability over time.
  • Is rise of machines helping make more money?
    • Nelson: technology and data enabled companies are a lot more scalable – the investment process itself becomes more scalable and productive.
    • Jon: time is always under pressure – systems that help accelerate decision-making have a positive impact on the investment process.
  • ROI from alternative datasets?
    • Jon: best insights come from a collection of datasets, so the challenge is attribution to specific datasets.
      • Tip: Look at situations when you or your investment team are under pressure to make a decision. What is the dataset that you rely on the most?
    • Nelson: two elements to the equation: 1) what is the insight that you want to know that would influence your decision, and 2) who gets closer to addressing that insight. Understanding the value proposition.

Vin Vacanti, CEO and Co-founder of YipitData, presented on the State of The Alternative Data Industry, highlighting:

  • Importance of understanding the core competency of a “data player”. Are they data owners, data processors, or data brokers – each has its specific challenges in working with investors.
  • Presented on the most penetrated, most accurate, and least accurate data categories according to institutional investors. (Stats)
  • Shared key takeaways from the growth of the alternative data FTE analysis.
  • Shared key takeaways from the buy-side data spend survey.

Carl Reed, Global Head of Data License Product at Bloomberg, believes that the data engineer role is likely to become more central to the investment process.

Is there value in alternative data providers partnering/redistributing through large platforms like Bloomberg, FactSet, or Thomson Reuters?

  • Greg Skibiski of Thasos sees a lot of value in these partnerships and announced Thasos is partnering with Bloomberg. Details to be announced mid-June.
  • Steve Albert from 1010Data doesn’t see the value add of their distribution as a key demand for customers. Not currently solving a major pain point. Does see the risk of massively commoditizing the value of the data.

What do you wish clients were doing more often?

  • That they hired a lot more data full-time employees that could work faster with the data.
  • That they reached out a lot more when they have a thesis to see how data providers can help.

Antonio Tomarchio, Founder and CEO of Cuebiq, shared the pros and cons of geolocation data methodologies:

Methodologies Pros Cons
 Consumer Apps
  • High Quality Data
  • Not Scalable
  • PII Data Collection
  • Scalable
  • Persistent
  • Accurate
  • Low Precision
  • PII Data Collection
 Ad Calls
  • Scale
  • Easy to Obtain
  • Inaccurate Data
  • Lack of Privacy
  • Risk of Fraudulent Data
  • Accurate
  • Privacy Compliant
  • Persistent
  • High Quality Data
  • Hard to Scale


Other Data Discussions:

Yielding actual results from data requires domain-specific knowledge beyond standard data processing capabilities. Rohit Kapoor, CEO of EXL Service, an operations management company, spoke about Making Digital Transformation Real.

  • He asserted that the actual business benefit of digital transformation is a far cry from the promise of technology and data analytics.
    • 70% of transformation programs fail. (McKinsey)
    • 48% of companies are not prepared to execute business transformation. (HBR)
    • Only 30% of data assets are used. (EXL)
    • Only 20% of companies have implemented AI into a service or process at scale. (Forbes)
    • Only 3% of companies data meets basic quality standards. (BCG)
  • The missing ingredient is what they call “digital intelligence.”
    • Combine the actual data with the capability of the people they have. Marriage between domain knowledge and data drives context.
    • EXL solves this by pairing data scientists with those who run operations, bringing them together to create contextual knowledge.

Investing in culture is essential to tapping into AI on an organizational level. Jeff McMillan, Chief Data Officer of Morgan Stanley, gave his thoughts on AI Today, Tomorrow, and 2050.

  • Today, how good is AI at different tasks?
    • To detect: machine > human
    • To process: machine > human
    • To recommend: machine = human
    • To answer: human > machine
    • To reason: human >> machine
  • Tomorrow:
    • His goal is not “artificial intelligence”, it is to build an “intelligent organization.”
    • Believes that 450 25-year old data analysts with good data are better than 25 experienced data scientists.
  • 2050:
    • Computers will augment human ability. AI is not going to replace humans any time soon, so you have to invest in culture, skill set, and resources.

The Download 22: Database Hits 300 Providers, Data on Lyft vs. Uber App Installs

Providers Added to the Database

  • ShareIQ – Data on earned media performance on visual content campaigns.
  • CogniSent – Platform for identifying ticker-specific investment themes from social data and integrating alternative data sources to analyze these themes.
  • Signafire – Data infrastructure provider for integrating traditional and alternative data sources.
  • See full public database of 300 data providers.


  • Cuebiq, a geo-location provider, raises $27mm in Series B financing. (businesswire)
  • YipitData adds churn tracker to its YELP data product to monitor impact of the company’s new non-term contracts; full product tracks PAAs and Request-a-Quote. (Request Info)
News & Insights
  • SimilarWeb, a web traffic provider, uses app installs via Google Play to show that Lyft is carving out market share from Uber largely in younger age groups. (recode)
  • Barclays hires Chief Data Scientist away from Buzzfeed, who will be tasked with building a team to integrate alternative data sets to serve the firm’s Research arm. (mrweb)
Other Reading
  • Geo-location data maps migration from Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria. (CityLab)

The Download 21: How Tiger Cubs are using Alt. Data, 4 New Datasets, 2 Jobs

Providers Added to the Database

  • Crimson Hexagon – Data on 1 trillion social media posts dating back to 2008, aggregated from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, and more.
  • Tribe Dynamics – Data on earned media (influencer) performance across beauty and fashion companies.
  • Certify – Data on U.S. business travel and expense spending trends. Covers restaurants, airlines, lodging and car rental.
  • Webhose.io – Web data provider for sentiment tracking across news, blogs, reviews, broadcast, and e-commerce.
  • See full public database of 297 data providers.


News & Insights
  • Viking and Coatue are using alternative data to inform fundamental strategy, while Maverick is tapping the data to implement a systematic strategy on its smaller positions. (Novus)
  • According to a State Street survey, only 60% of institutional investors feel they have the right talent in place for investment data strategy. Five years ago, that figure was 91%. (Asset Servicing Times)
  • Lyft claims to have 35% of ridesharing market share according to email receipt data. (CNBC)
    • Second Measure, a credit card data provider, has Lyft at 27%.
    • Certify, a business expense tracker, puts Lyft at 19% of business-related ridesharing.
  • NPD, a point-of-sale and consumer survey provider, reports that online sales in the automotive aftermarket have doubled in the past three years to 14% market share. (prweb)
  • A UBS Analyst claims that satellite data on Walmart parkings lots correlates significantly with earnings, suggesting that there is indeed insight obtainable from the most cited example in alternative data history. (Observer Research Foundation)
Other Reading
  • Satellite data of nighttime illumination used as GDP indicator in paper that shows authoritarian regimes tend to inflate their growth rates by 1.15 – 1.3 compared to strong democracies. (TwitterFull Paper)

The Download 20: Goldman Gears Up to Sell Alt. Data Product, Alt. Data Spend Accelerates, 4 New Datasets

Providers Added to the Database


  • Avast, the parent company of Jumpshot, a web traffic provider, estimates the addressable market for its Jumpshot business at $2.8b by 2021 (Prospectus, p. 57). Avast IPO’d this week. (Reuters)
  • YipitData launched web-scraping based product to track key performance metrics for China Lodging Group (HTHT), including occupancy rates, ADR, and RevPAR. (Request Info)
  • 7Park Data raised 7mm in new funding. (SEC)
  • iSentium, a sentiment provider, hired Ray Tierney III (former head of trading at Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg Tradebook) as president and COO. (efinancialcareers)
  • Discovery Day Intrepid – BattleFin (New York, June 20) –AlternativeData.org is a media partner for the event – use discount code “AltData20” to receive 20% off your ticket. 
News & Insights
  • Buy-side spend on alternative datasets has significantly accelerated over the last two years (~60% y/y) and is estimated to reach over $1bn by 2020. (Financial TimesAlternativeData.org)
  • Goldman Sachs gearing up to sell internal data. Potential product could include trade and pricing data at high frequencies, leveraging role as over-the-counter dealmaker. (Risk.netsubscription required)
  • Market for geo-location data grows with increasingly inventive use cases, but technical challenges remain.
    • Market for geo-location data expected to grow to $250mm by 2020, according to new report from Opimas, a capital markets consultancy. (marketsmediaFull Report)
    • Schroders data science unit used geo-location data to assess a pizza-chain expansion plan based on casual dining competition and foot traffic. (Pensions & Investments)
    • Still, the data requires expert validation before it can be put to use. “In one case, there was data that showed peak visitors in a Home Depot in California … (came) at 8 a.m. The store opened at 10 a.m. But that store has a loading dock that abuts a freeway.” – Michael Recce, Chief Data Scientist, Neuberger Berman. (Pensions & Investments)
  • Washington Post op-ed theorizes on a potential regulation for companies to release their data to the public after a few years, in a model similar to drug patents. (Washington Post)

FT: Buy-side Alternative Data Spend to Exceed $1bn by 2020

The Financial Times published an article yesterday titled “Asset managers double spending on new data on hunt for edge” featuring AlternativeData.org’s first analysis on buy-side industry spend on alternative data. Our findings show a significant acceleration in spending over the last two years (~60% y/y) that is estimated to reach over $1bn by 2020.

Key takeaways:

  • Buy-side spend on alternative datasets has doubled since 2016, and is expected to hit $1bn by 2020.
  • The FT cited increasing pressure from low-cost index funds as a primary driver for asset managers turning to alternative data in the search for an edge.
  • The increased spend on alternative datasets suggests that the need to build out alternative data teams will continue to accelerate, as suggested in this January feature of AlternativeData.org in the FT (first link).
  • Another consultant is referenced with a higher current estimate of $5bn in annual spend on alternative data, but a more modest growth projection (30% y/y). (Note: Methodology could not be verified but it likely includes a broader industry in their “investor” sample, rather than exclusively buy-side discretionary investors).
  • PDF of article.

Momentum in alternative data use affirmed by industry leaders:

  • “The advanced pace of technological disruption is impacting the traditional investment landscape, providing new ways to identify and originate investment opportunities that generate value for investors.” – Chris Molumphy, CIO, Franklin Templeton fixed income.
  • “We continue to add investment research staff and are working on a more comprehensive data strategy, including enhancements in the ease of doing business for advisers . . . as well as enhanced data availability for our distribution and investment management teams.”  – Benjamin Clouse, CFO, Waddell & Reed.

About the analysis:

  • Our results combine two separate analyses: 1) a spend survey of buy-side AlternativeData.org subscribers, and 2) our buy-side alternative data full-time employee analysis.
  • The survey collected spending by buy-side discretionary investors on alternative datasets over the last two years and estimated spend in the coming two years. Results provided a breakdown of spend across different fund tiers:

  • The employee spend figures looked at growth projections of full-time employees that work with alternative data in the investment process, based on the full-time employee analysis we published in January. We then estimated the total hiring, salary, and overhead costs of maintaining these employees to reach our total spend estimate.


The Download 19: Hedge Funds Compete With Tech for Data Talent, 9 New Datasets, 2 New Jobs

Providers Added to the Database

  • Big Byte Insights – Pricing and supply data on self-storage containers, and retailer exposure data for malls and shopping centers.
  • SuperData – Revenue data and research reports across game platforms, game titles, game categories, and esports markets.
  • Gro Intelligence – Data on the agriculture supply chain: production, consumption, prices, freight, trade flows, etc. Aggregate public (government and trade associations), satellite, and weather data.
  • RepRisk – Data on ESG and business conduct risks for 100k+ companies.
  • Irithmics – Artificial intelligence platform for understanding investor behavior.
  • Yewno – Data on quantity of intellectual property a company has across technologies with high growth expectations (e.g. blockchain, AI).
  • See full public database of 292 data providers.


  • YipitData combined its web-scraped pricing and bookings database with ARC travel agency settlement data to analyze the competitive dynamics and unit revenue economics of JBLU, ALGT and UAL vs. other U.S. based carriers. (YipitData)
  • Ursa, a satellite analytics provider, partners with ICEYE, a micro-satellite company using weather-agnostic imaging technology, to create global oil storage dataset. (Geospatial World)
  • Quantopian, a data science platform, partners with FactSet to integrate datasets into its interface for building and testing investment algorithms. (CNBC)
  • Quandl, a data broker, launches corporate aviation dataset. (Quandl)
  • Sales and review data direct from a panel of Amazon sellers (i.e. not web scraped or consumer panel data). Contact data@alternativedata.org if you have this data.
News & Insights
  • Hedge fund executives from Marshall Wace, Lansdowne, Man Group, and more weigh in on alternative data and machine learning. “Many hedge fund firms now hire highly quantitative talent — such as mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists — instead of the traditional business school graduates … this is pushing hedge fund firms into direct competition with the technology industry for the brightest talent.” – Alternative Investment Management Association. (Financial News,subscription required)
  • Kansas City Fed uses satellite data of nighttime lights as indicator for GDP to forecast current-quarter US export growth. (Kansas City Fed)
  • Ship tracking data captures two China-bound American vessels changing course after China announced US supply tariffs while they were en route.(Bloomberg)
  • Jeff Bezos’ flight records used as further evidence by reports suggesting Arlington region is contender for AMZN HQ2. (Fortune)
  • Sentieo, a data interface, calls positive PSTG guidance using data from Google Trends, Alexa web traffic, and Twitter mentions. (Forbes)

The Download 18: Data Executive Candidate, 7 New Datasets, Long-Onlies Using Alternative Data

Providers Added to the Database

  • RxData.net – Data on pharmaceutical pricing, reimbursement, formulary placement and regulatory registrations.
  • MariData – Live database of global marine cargo trade activity between over 7,000 ports, including cargo details and trade indices for monitoring macro and micro performance.
  • ktMINE – Intellectual property data, including royalty rates, agreements, patents, assignments, trademarks, corporate trees, IP connections, IP news, and litigation information.
  • AreaMetrics – Geo-location data on 10mm active monthly users over 4.2mm bluetooth beacons.
  • KD Interactive – Transaction and mobile match key data in mid-market retail, including convenience stores, 3-star hotels, restaurants, and airport concessions.
  • LUX Fund and Technology Solutions – Data infrastructure provider. Raised $6 million from Credit Suisse. (Traders Magazine[free] login required)
  • See full public database of 286 data providers.


  • YipitData combined web traffic data from SimilarWeb with its web-scraped transaction dataset to analyze the competitive dynamics and unit economics of BKNG and EXPE, and the implications for TRIP and TRVG. (Sample Report)
  • Neudata, a data consultant, announces $600k in new funding. (prnewswire)
  • Eagle Alpha, a data aggregator, publishes 105-page report on alternative data use cases. (Eagle Alpha)
  • Caserta, a data consultant, hosts webinar with AlternativeData.org on Building an Alternative Data Analytics Platform. (Watch Now)
Candidates (NEW)
  • Seasoned technology executive is seeking the opportunity to build out alternative data technical infrastructure at a hedge fund. Contact jobs@alternativedata.org for more information.
New Jobs
News & Insights
  • Long-only asset managers make (slow) progress in using alternative data. (Pensions & Investments)
    • The primary challenge is using a rapidly dissipating signal in a large fund with slow investment processes.
      • “Most … signals have an incredibly short half-life — more a matter of how much money can be put to work in four weeks than four years.” – Timothy Bruce, Director of Traditional Research, NEPC LLC.
      • “Asset management firms, if they’re successful, have a very large and profitable business, and they’re run in a certain way … and to make changes to that takes time.” – Richard Dell, Head of Equity Manager Research, Mercer.
    • A survey of data providers on AlternativeData.org found that 30% of providers have a higher share of long-only clients than they did in 2016. Only 10% of providers have a lower share. Full results to be published next week. 
  • Expert network utility will rise with emergence of increasingly novel alternative data sets.  “… when data is more ambiguous or less easily interpretable, it may give rise to demand for expert conversations around it.” – Max Cartellieri, Co-CEO of AlphaSights. (Integrity Researchsubscription required)
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch hires Rajesh T. Krishnamachari as Head of Data Science for Equities. Krishnamachari was a senior quantitative strategist at JP Morgan and co-author of the 280-page report on AI and Machine Learning in Investment Strategy. (efinancialcareers)
  • Third Avenue invests $10mm in JBG Smith (Arlington, VA REIT), suggesting that the fund believes Arlington will be the location of Amazon HQ2 based on web traffic data. (ZeroHedge)
  • Schroders’ Data Insights Unit predicted a precise property divestment requirement from regulators a year in advance by analyzing the distance between all physical stores involved in a proposed merger. (Schroders)

The Download 17: Favorable Ruling For Web-Scraping, 4 New Datasets

Providers Added to the Database

  • Jettrack.io – Public data on corporate aircraft flight activity used to identify future corporate deals.
  • Datarama – Public data aggregated from specialised media sources on private and public companies in Southeast Asia and Greater China.
  • Scrapehero – Bespoke web scraping solutions.
  • SpaceKnow – Satellite provider with datasets covering autos, airlines, manufacturing, and construction.
  • See full public database of 280 data providers.
New Jobs
News & Insights
  • DC District Court is allowing a constitutional challenge to the CFAA to proceed, issuing language that web-scrapers may have First Amendment protection. (TechdirtBoing Boing)
  • IHS Markit will incorporate web-scraped data into its AI data initiative. The company has advanced beyond AI for process automation into AI for product improvement, which signals that integration with other alternative data categories is likely. (Integrity Researchsubscription required)
  • Study on Fed data leaks using taxi data hints at the wide range of use cases available for data collected by Uber and other ride-sharing services.(UChicago)
  • Alpha Architect summarizes high-level steps for performing sentiment analysis on Twitter. (Alpha Architect)
  • PreData, a social data analytics platform, uses volatility in social media along with other alternative data signals to predict North Korean missile launches and macro market trends alike. (AlleyWatch)
  • Decode project explores how blockchain may one day govern ownership of personal transactions data. Pilot already incubating in Amsterdam and Barcelona.  (The Guardian)